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I’m becoming quite efficient with my Conquest painting publication project, I’m finishing the monthly batch of models earlier and earlier. I finished April’s batch with a good two and half weeks spare which mean’t I could make a real dent in the Shadowspear boxset. After the jump I share with you the seven models I’ve completed so far.

These robes were time consuming lots of wet glazes. At the bottom of this post I’ve written up how I painted the robes. I’m pleased with how soft the shading came out though. 

Check it out, seven of the new Vanguard models painted to completion. Despite the short turn around time these guys came out quite nicely. Looks crazy seeing Power Armoured units on 40mm bases, it makes sense though these guys are bigger than Terminators and they have been on 40mm bases for years.  

Both the Eliminators and Suppressors are carrying weapons that are longer than a human is tall. The weapons look in scale with the Astartes carrying them so I don’t think they’re too big but I like the idea of them carrying weapons so huge a mere mortal human couldn’t possibly hope to lift it up let alone fire it. 

How to paint the robes

1. Base the robes with Baneblade Brown.

2. Then mix Lahmian Medium with Steel Legion Drab to make a glaze. Two thirds of the mix should be the Medium. Once you have your glaze mixed up paint thin, translucent layers into all the creases of the cloth. The first layer you put down will be barely noticeable. You need to keep repeating this process to bring up the colour. Make sure each layer is dry before applying the next. This will produce soft blends.

3. Repeat the process with a glaze of XV88 but this time paint this within the Steel Legion Drab areas in the deepest recesses. Make sure you leave some Steel Legion Drab showing.

4. Create a glaze of Karak Stone and slowly build up the highlights on the raised areas of the robes.

5. Use slightly watered down Rakarth Flesh to edge highlight any sharp prominent edges.

Here’s a link to the tutorial for painting the rest of the Dark Angel

That’s all for this post, I hope to finish up my May Conquest models soon so I can get back to Shadowspear. The long term goal is chip away at Shadowspear while prioritising Conquest. The end result should be a completed Conquest set of Deathguard, Astartes and terrain as well as a completed set of Shadowspear. If I finish Shadowspear before Conquest I’d like to add some other models to the collections like Mortarion. I’m hoping GW release Lion L Johnson Primarch of the Dark Angels soon. 

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