Do your paints dry up because the lids don’t close properly? Are you sick of using something sharp to pick out all the dried up crud? Well in today’s quick video ToP Tip I show you a super fast way to clear out the gunk [1] in a matter of seconds.

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I love Citadel paints, I love the enormous range of colours, I love how they’re easy to work with and cover well and most of all I love how easy it is to get the colours I need, they’re always in stock in a multiple of places. What I don’t like are the lids clogging up.

I don’t know how to stop the clogging, without switching to dropper bottles [2], but this video ToP Tip will at least give you an easy way to manage the problem.

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[1] Is there a proper name for a secreted build up of paint? I want to say Smeg.
[2] I refuse to waste hobby time decanting paint into dropper bottles, I would much rather be painting models.

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