Sevireth going up against some Kruleboyz.

The Lumineth army grows! This time with Sevireth, Lord of the Seventh Wind. Mr. Foxy Fox himself. He is a amazing model, and also a great way to loose friends.

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Sevireth, Lord of the Seventh Wind

Rules aside, Sevireth along with the other build option for a Hurakan Spirit of the Wind is a really cool kit. I knew when I first started putting paint on him I wanted to go for more of an arctic fox look than the traditional coloring GW used in their box art. Getting a white fox though also involves painting white which can be really tricky, especially with fur.

Better pic of the fur.

I started with a base coat of AK interactive’s Warm Grey. For the tail section I started with a glaze first with AK’s Reddish Grey, then continued into Basalt Grey which is a really great neutral grey tone. On the highlighting side of things I went from Warm Grey to AK’s Silver Grey. Silver Grey is a wonderful color to start white from. The paint’s tone is super light grey with a little bit of warmth that still leaves you with plenty of room for highlighting the white. Next came Off White (again from AK), and then finally a pure white (also AK).

The next step was the large wind elements that make up most of the model. I did a good amount of the work with some wet blending and glazing, but its still hard to get those smooth tones you want especially on a three-dimensional object that has a million spikes, and wraps around itself. I wound up using a plastic grocery bag ripped in half to cover the work I had done up to that point on the fox, and came in with the airbrush. With the airbrush I used a very thinned down white just to help blend the different areas together.

Just another angle.

What do think about this model? Have you played against him and his other fox buddies? Let me know with a reaction below, or feel free to leave a comment!