Hi all, here is my Mars Pattern Reaver Battle Titan I painted about 3 years ago now. Its in the scheme of the Legio Astorum – The Warp Runners, who hail from the Forgeworld of Lucius.

This has seen battle about half a dozen times in that time, and has won best vehicle at a WHW campaign weekend, being compared (generously) by WHW staff as one of the best they have seen at their venue.

The left knee shows some personal heraldry and the Icon if the Princeps

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The right knee contains the Legio Titanicus Cog emblem

Piston detail showing wear and tear on the movement within a piston.

The upper carapace detail showing the latin (low gothic?) translated roughly as:

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Unconquored Vengeance, Destroyer of Cities

Included in the kit is a Tech Priest working on the plasma reactors and maintaining the weapon servitors slaved to the gun systems

A top down view of the Princeps and Moderatii in the head section

 The armour plates on the top are removable as is the head section to get to the inside details

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Some of the lower rear leg detailing