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Back in June 2013, I purchased and reviewed a brand new (still in shrink wrap) copy of the Warhammer 40,000 second edition game. I’m pleased to announce that I have now finished painting the entire contents of the box. Eighty miniatures painted in 11 months (in-between other projects like Hobbit or Necrons). Read on  to hear some more of my thoughts, links to tutorials and some close ups of the units.

Waaargh! A thin blue line of Macragge’s finest try to hold back the pressing weight of sixty bodies as the Waargh surges forward. I really like the contrast of brilliantly bright armour of the Space Marines shining through the darker, dirtier colours of the Orks and Grots.


Forty Gretchen, or grots for you who grew up in 2000 or later. I painted these in drab, darker colours. Plenty of sharp, crisp shading really gives these definition. I kept the highlighting to a minimum to keep them looking dark.


The Orks utilise the same colour palette as the Gretchen. The only differences being the skin is darker and I bloodied up their choppas. If you’d like to know how I painted the Orks I have a full tutorial here.

For the 2nd Company Ultramarine Tactical squads I wanted to honour the old 1990s eavy metal scheme but painted in a more modern way or blended area highlights. Their yellow ascents and red boltguns look great against the blue armour. They’re littered with freehand details, including flames, skulls, checks and even army badges on their right legs. The banners are rolled out greenstuff instead of paper ones. I have written an introduction to greenstuff tutorial with some detailed tutorials including how to roll banners.

The only thing that doesn’t make these 100% retro authentic are the bases. They’re missing the Goblin Green base with stained sawdust flock badly glued on in patches.

I just have the Ork Dreadnought (Killer Kan or Deff Dread) left to do. Stay tuned for more progress on that.

Thanks for following this project, and thanks for all the words of encouragement. I can add this completed set to my Dreadfleet, Tyranid Attack and The Hobbit Boxsets. How many boxed games have you managed to complete? Let me know in the comments.

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