Stahly here. Thanks to your support on Patreon last year, I was able to upgrade my camera setup, buy studio lights and microphones to finally start creating video content. Thank you so much (and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t already 😉 !!!

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But I learned that recording and editing videos takes a lot of time. Tale of Painters is a blog FOR hobbyists run BY hobbyists, and we do it all in our spare time. And Tale of Painters will always stay free.

Stahly needs your help!

However, I have a big dream I want to make true: After 10 years of blogging only in my spare time, I want to reduce my working hours at my job so I can free up more time for videos and Tale of Painters. To make this work financially, I need your support on Patreon:

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Thank you very much, I appreciate any help to make my goal of creating more Warhammer content true 🙂


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