Hi Everyone, it’s Tom again. Remember me from my post about Lord-Commander Bastian Carthalos a few weeks ago. This time I am here to write about something both bigger and smaller – my Legio Xestobaix Warhound Titans.

Adeptus Titanicus Legio Xestobaix Warhound Titans cinematic shot

I really enjoy all of the Adeptus Titanicus models, but the Warhound Titans are special. Is it the backwards legs? The aggressive snouts? That you get two per box, maximising the number of titans? Who knows.

My Adeptus Titanicus Warhound Titans

After basecoating with Mechanicus Standard Grey, I paint my titans with an airbrush – Naggaroth Night for the purple, Rakarth Flesh followed by Pallid Wych Flesh for the off-white areas. These are then shaded with Abbadon Black or Rhinox Hide, and highlighted with Genestealer Purple and White Scars White highlights respectively.

Legio Xestobaix Warhound Titan base

Adeptus Titanicus weathering & bases

There are two areas that really complete these models. These are the weathering and having something on the base for scale. For the weathering I use a sponge to stipple random patterns of Rhinox Hide all over the surface, then highlight in the respective colours for purple and off- white. I use Reikland Fleshshade or Agrax Earthshade to add some streaks towards the top of the carapace. Last but not least, I’ve used the Forgeworld weather powders to simulate sand and dust sticking to the legs of each titan, and added some to the base to clearly link the model and base.

Close up of a Warhound Titan's scenic base for Adeptus Titanicus game

The bases use a mix of parts. I bought some old Epic Marines and have them looking at a spare Warhound head. On the other base I used some of the parts from the Adeptus Titanicus Manufactorum Imperialis set to create the edge of an enemy base, with a thin cork sheet for tarmac.

Adeptus Titanicus Legio Xestobaix army shot

Like the models? Want to see more of the other titans and knights in my collection? Leave a comment below and check out my Instagram

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