This weekend sees the release of Warcry Heart of Ghur and I was lucky enough to be sent the starter set early to paint up. I’ll be sharing the war bands and terrain in their own posts starting with the Horns of Hashut.

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Hashut is the Duardin God of fire and tyranny. Whilst primarily worshipped by Chaos-Duardin, this mysterious entity actually has different followers from all over the Mortal Realms including the humans that form the Horns of Hashut. These warbands of have sworn allegiance to Hashut’s tyrannical and cruel followers and they have the lash marks to prove it. Ranging ahead of the Chaos-Duardin, they seek out settlements to destroy and consume with fire.

For the paint scheme I wanted to use warm colours like burgundy, red and copper. I wanted to hint at the fire background but not go all in on it like the Scions of Flame. I also wanted the Warband all to have a darker skin tone which suits the face sculpts of the Shatterers. I think the chains look better in silver and the armour looks better in copper in my opinion which is a reverse of how the ‘eavy metal team painted theirs.

I really like the designs of the Horns of Hashut and I think they’d make a great Age of Sigmar army. Hordes of Shatters, a couple of units of Demolishers, an elite brute squad of Ruinators all lead by a Ruinator Alpha. You could also have enslaved units of Hobgrots joining them. it’s crazy that there is so much character and back story packed into a single warband.

Warcry Heart of Ghur Warband Tome Rot and Ruin cover
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I really like the Warband Tome included in the Heart of Ghur Starter Set. It reminds me of the old Angels of Death Codex that had both Blood Angels and Dark Angels lore and rules in it back during the 2nd edition of Warhammer 40,000. This book gives you the back story to the environment and the two factions as well all the their rules and a campaign to play through. All tied together neatly with brand new illustrations and photographs. I hope we get more of these Warband Tomes in future Starter Sets (which are coming every 3 months according to GW). I thoroughly enjoyed reading and learning about the Horns of Hashut, and really hope GW releases their Chaos-Duardin overlords.

It’s a reasonably simple paint scheme with 3 to 4 steps per part. I think this gives a good effect for the time spent. I painted these 10 models in 7 days, which is pretty good for me. I had to keep reminding myself that Chaos Cultists are only a cheap unit in Age of Sigmar so I don’t really want to spend too long on them.

So there you have it, my take on the Horns of Hashut. Really pleased with how these came out and I think I want to carry this scheme over to some other chaos units like the soon to be released Centurion Marshall and the Chaos Legionnaires.

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