Enter the grim and haunting Headman’s Curse, the new Nighthaunt warband for the Wyrdhollow season of Warhammer Underworlds. Amongst the cursed executioners of Nagash stands the Bearer of the Block, a sinister henchman of the Bearer of the Blade. This is the first model I painted of the Headman’s Curse, and in this post I’ll provide you with a complete painting guide for recreating my Nighthaunt scheme.

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I haven’t painted Nighthaunt in quite a while, the last model I painted was a Guardian of Souls in 2021 (oh how time flies by). The new Headman’s Curse warband for Warhammer Underworlds was the perfect excuse to add a few more models to my collection, as Underworlds warbands are fantastic self-contained painting projects.

Warhammer Underworlds Headman's Curse Bearer of the Block painted by Stahly
This model was kindly provided by Games Workshop Ltd.

I love all models from this set, but my favourite is probably the Bearer of the Block. I love how his head is framed by the mausoleum shrine and candles, and the turquoise flames allowed me to flex my painting skills by adding an object source light effect.

Here comes a list of paint recipes I used for my unique purple-grey Nighthaunt scheme. A detailed step-by-step tutorial will be posted on my Patreon at the beginning of September (2023), so if you would like to support me and Tale of Painters, please consider joining. By now you can browse plenty of exclusive masterclass PDF tutorials and hobby resources there, and get a special role on our Discord.

Headman’s Curse painting guide

Primer: Corax White

Purple Ectoplasm
Basecoat: WPA Broodmother Purple Air / WPA Yeti White Air approx. 2:1 (Airbrush)
Zenithal Highlights: WPA Yeti White Air (Airbrush)
Glaze recesses (only where needed): Corax White with a little bit of Naggaroth Night added
Recess shading: VXP Gloomy Violet / Contrast Medium 1:1
Drybrush: Corax White
Gentle Drybrush: VGC Dead White
Edge Highlight: VGC Dead White

Basecoat gravestones: VMC Dark Grey
Wash gravestones: TAP Dark Tone
Drybrush gravestones: Mechanicus Standard Grey
Drybrush gravestones: TAP Filthy Cape
Basecoat texture: Mechanicus Standard Grey
Drybrush texture and gravestones: Corax White
Trim: VMC Black

Dark green masonry
Basecoat: Orkhide Shade (OOP)
Wash: TAP Dark Tone
Drybrush: TTC Jade Green
Drybrush: Death Guard Green
Drybrush: Deepkin Flesh

Dark brown vines
Basecoat: TTC Boar Hide
Wash: TAP Dark Tone
Highlight: TTC Dry Rust Brown
Highlight: TTC Satyr Brown

Basecoat: PA Ivory
Wash: Wyldwood / Contrast Medium 1:10
Layer: Wraithbone with a little bit of P3 Beast Hide (only where needed to remove pooling)
Highlight: Pallid Wych Flesh

Rusty Steel
Basecoat: VMeC Light Steel
2x wash: Nuln Oil
2x recess wash rust: Reikland Fleshshade
Recess shade: Gore-grunta Fur / Contrast Medium 1:1
Recess shade: thinned Troll Slayer Orange

Tarnished brass
Basecoat: Balthasar Gold
Wash: TAP Strong Tone Ink
Recess wash verdigris: Coelia Greenshade
Recess wash verdigris: TAP Wizards Orb / Contrast Medium 1:1
Highlight: GSW Gladius Bronze

Withered wood block
Wash: Wyldwood (over Corax White base)
Layer: TTC Scorched Earth
Layer: TTC Scorched Earth / Gorthor Brown 1:1
Highlight: Gorthor Brown
Dot highlight: P3 Beast Hide

Black candles
Basecoat: TTC Cold Corpse Blue
Wash: TAP Dark Tone
Layer: Dark Reaper
Highlight: Dark Reaper / TAP Uniform Grey 1:1
Highlight: TAP Uniform Grey 1:1

Turquoise flame
Basecoat: AK Pastel Blue
Recess shade: VGC Dead White
Layer/blend: AK Pastel Blue with increasing amounts of P3 Arcane Blue
Layer/blend: P3 Arcane Blue with increasing amounts of TTC Cursed Blue
Layer/blend: TTC Cursed Blue with increasing amounts of TTC Sentient Turquoise
Layer/blend: TTC Sentient Turquoise with increasing amounts of Incubi Darkness
For the OSL glaze the candles with thinned TTC Sentient Turquoise, TTC Cursed Blue, and P3 Arcane Blue. The skull was glazed with Aethermatic Blue thinned with Contrast Medium

Varnish: Mr Topcoat Premium Flat

Abbreviations: OOP = old Citadel paint range (out of production), VGC = Vallejo Game Color, VMC = Vallejo Model Color, VMechaC = Vallejo Mecha Color, P3 = Privateer Press Formula P3, TAP = The Army Painter Warpaints, WPA = Warpaints Air, RMS = Reaper Master Series, GSW = Greenstuff World, S75 = Scale 75 Scale Color, AK = AK Interactive 3rd Gen, TTC = Two Thin Coats

For those that prefer a visual painting guide, check out this:

How to paint Nighthaunt Patreon tutorial banner

You can grab the complete step-by-step tutorial for my Nighthaunt here in my Patreon shop (or by becoming an Autarch tier member). Also includes additional tutorials for turquoise hexfire and glow effects!

Cinematic shot of the Bearer of the Block of the Headman's Curse warband

Hope you enjoyed this ghastly teaser of what there is to come. Heads will roll when my completed Headman’s Curse will emerge from the shadows, so make sure to check back when I post the completed warband.

Leave a comment or reaction below, or head over to our friendly hobby Discord server to discuss these models. Until then, happy hobbying 🙂