I haven’t posted a model in quite a while, but be assured, I haven’t been idle. Here is another model from my slow-growing Alpha Legion Chaos Legionary Kill Team from Kill Team: Nachmund, the half-possessed Anointed. Find out more in this post.

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Alpha Legion Anointed for Kill Team, painted by Stahly, front view

This model was created by combining the body of an Easy-to-build Chaos Space Marine from the old Start Collecting box (originally released in Shadowspear), a bare head and backpack from the Chaos Chosen sprue, and upgrade parts from the Chaos Space Marine Kill Team accessory sprue.

Alpha Legion Anointed for Kill Team, painted by Stahly, back view

Painting Alpha Legion

I chose to paint my Kill Team in a metallic teal colour, inspired by the Alpha Legion’s Heresy era scheme, as I wanted to experiment with painting metallic armour. You can find a tutorial for the armour recipe here on Tale of Painters. The complete step-by-step masterclass tutorial is exclusively available on my Patreon, also covering the sickly purple flesh:

Alpha Legion Masterclass tutorial banner

So far I painted three models – a Plasma Gunner, an Icon Bearer, and now the Anointed. Chaos Space Marine Legionaries are very detailed models and quite time-consuming to get right. This will remain a slow-burn project until I have the necessary six models to make a legal Kill Team.

Cinematic shot of an Alpha Legion Anointed from Kill Team Nachmund, painted by Stahly.

Hope you enjoyed the latest addition to my Alpha Legion collection. The next projects will be some more infantry for my Sons of Horus, so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out my YouTube channel if you haven’t already, I just got some in-depth reviews of the new Vallejo Xpress and Game Colors up.

See you soon, and happy hobbying.