Today I’m sharing how I painted my Lord Imperatant with a painting guide and some lovely showcase pictures. The Lord Imperatant came with the Age of Sigmar 3 launch boxed game called Dominion which is no longer available. He’s available in the Age of Sigmar Extremis and Harbinger Starter Sets if you still want to grab one for yourself.

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I didn’t have a reason to paint this model apart from he’s been sat on my to-do shelf for a few months and was starting to bug me so I thought it was about time to knock this out in a few days.

I’ve uploaded this post to YouTube and narrated it if you prefer listening to reading.

I’m really happy with this cinematic photo I took. I wanted to capture Sigmar’s celestial Realm. It’s all real and caught in camera. The stars were created by flicking white and silver paint onto black card with a toothbrush. I’ve used a fog machine and then lit it with some blue plastic sheets (called gels) over my speedlites. I used a yellow gel for the central flash to light the centre of the stars, I think it gives it a centre of the galaxy feel. Adding some troops to the front the picture helps tell the story and give the main subject a purpose and it also has the effect of creating depth.

I painted my Lord Imperatant to be a part of my Primal Kings Stormhost. Yellow is my favourite colour and I thought it would have more power if used less so I only painted a handful of the armour with it, the rest being grey. Purple is complimentary to yellow and it’s also associated with being regal. I added the white to help break up the colours without actually adding another colour to the mix. I don’t use gold in this scheme usually, I save it for the heroes of the army so it got used on this model naturally.

This is my paint recipe card for the Primal King’s Lord Imperatant.

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