Today’s post is a quick one with a couple of pics of my recently finished Neave Blacktalon decked out in her Primal Kings livery.

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The Neave Blacktalon model was first released as past of an Age of Sigmar Battle set. Facing off against Horticulous Slimux with her Vanguard Stormcast the set was called Blightwar. I really regret not picking this set up now as I collect both factions and it was really good value. Sadly the set is no longer available.

I’ve wanted to paint this model since she was released and I had a gap in-between projects recently so I thought it was the perfect time to paint her. However, I think I built up all this hype in my head to paint her that the end result doesn’t match the expectation. I’m pretty disappointed with my paint job. Predominantly the face and the metals. My hobby mantra has always been finish it and move on. I’m not one to go back and repaint models, I would rather buy it again and have another go.

So there you go. Been looking forward to this model for a few years now and it’s easily my worst paint job of the year so far. Oh well, bring on the League of Votann, I need something new and exciting to paint.

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