In this post, you will find all my hand-painted and professionally photographed paint swatches for all 61 old & new Citadel Contrast paints, 24 Dipping Inks by Green Stuff World, as well as all 23 Speedpaints by The Army Painter, and the respective reviews. This should make it easy to find the perfect “one coat” colour for your next project.

Contrast vs Dipping Inks vs Speedpaint comparison

All three comparison sheets shown were painted under the same conditions on white primed plasticard and professionally photographed under neutral 5500K light. Thus all colour swatches are comparable with each other.

Comparison of all 24 Dipping Inks from Green Stuff World

Green Stuff World Dipping Inks colour swatch

I also made a brand new comparison video with a few more thoughts about Dipping Inks, check it out here:

Comparison of all 61 old & new Contrast colours

Citadel Contrast paint swatch 2022 with all 61 colours

I also made a video with more painted examples:

Comparison of all 23 Speedpaints from The Army Painter

And here is the sheet for The Army Painter’s Speedpaints, which is painted over Corax White primer (which is a light grey), so I added a bunch of similar Contrast colours on the right, also painted over Corax White, for better reference.

Paint swatch with Speedpaints from The Army Painter and Citadel Contrast

If you want to learn more about the features and differences of the individual colour ranges, I recommend you read my detailed reviews here:

Garfy's Get-a-Grip Banner 760px

I have also reviewed the Instant Colors from Scale 75, although I have not yet created a comparison chart for them:

“One coat” paints are surely popular, and Vallejo has just announced their line of “Xpress” paints. These were designed in collaboration with Contrast expert Juan Hidalgo, so I expect a lot of them. I hope I can try and review them for you soon.

I hope this post can be a valuable resource to you, so let me know in the comments if this was helpful and/or leave a reaction. Also, find us on our Discord server if you want to discuss Contrast and “one coat” paints. Thanks for reading!


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