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I’m planning something a little bit more special for my scouts led by Telion. This will involve sculpting some kneepads, sleeping bags and raised ‘U’ symbols. IN this guide I will show you how I sculpted the one above. It’s really simple, honest.

Before you start, mix some greenstuff. I always cut out the strip of putty where the yellow meets the blue, because this has already hardened and you don’t want to mix it into your fresh greenstuff.

Stage 1. Roll out a small ball and stick it to the centre of the area you wish the ‘U’ appear.

Stage 2. Using a small round ended sculpting tool squish the ball into a flat disc. Dip your tool into water to stop it sticking to the greenstuff.

Stage 3. Using a pointy tool with a thin edge mark out the inner circle and scrap it out. Then using the flat edge add a vertical line as per the image above.

Stage 4. Continuing to use the pointy flat edge tool, press a couple of horizontal lines into the greenstuff at the top of the circle to create a rough U shape

Stage 5. Finally refine the shape using the flat of the tool by pushing the top flat and then tidying the edges to make it have a crisper edge.

That’s it, I told you it was simple. The one in the pictures is only the second one I’ve ever produced and I’m a complete amateur when it comes to sculpting. Go on, give it a try and post your results in the comments.

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