Have you ever accidentally slipped and got a brush mark where it’s not wanted or dropped a model while painting? Well, today we’re going to look at ways to steady your hands.

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Brace yourself and Get a Grip.

1. Brace yourselves, more models are coming

Bracing your wrists on your desk is a great way to steady your hands, especially when combined with a model on a painting handle/cork because you can rest the handle on the table too. Sometimes, you can’t brace your wrists on your desk because the model is so big. I’ve found this out recently painting my Bloodthirster, it’s so big I had to get creative with what to brace my wrists on. I found elbows on the desk and wrists braced against each other worked. Another option is with your leg up, foot on your chair and rest your wrists on your knee.

2. Keep a good posture

Keeping an ergonomic pose is not only good for your back, but it will also help you painting more comfortably and increase your brush control. Here is Stahly’s secret tip: Work on a desk with a height of 90 cm, instead of the standard 70 cm. IKEA has pretty cheap tabletops and adjustable table legs. 90 cm legs can also be found at hardware stores or online. Stahly’s table was under 50 Euro and he’s swearing on it. If you have the budget, there are also motorized adjustable desks which allow you even more options to adapt your posture.

Honey, I shrunk my hobby space

A higher tabletop allows you to bring the models closer to you face and still rest and brace your arms while keeping a straight back. No more unhealthy crouching over a model while painting.

Wobbly highlights? I think you’ve had enough.

3. Avoid the Shakes

Coffee and alcohol can affect how steady your hands are. Painting on an empty stomach can also give you the shakes if your blood sugar levels drop. Another thing to note is painting after exercise or physical exertion can leave your muscles twitching. Using power tools for a while can also have a negative effect, I can’t paint for a few hours after using my hedge trimmer or riding my motorbike because of the vibrations.

Do you have any tips for dealing with shakes hands? Share it in the comments.

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