Today’s post should be me rage quitting the hobby and setting fire to my existing Stormcast Eternals models but I’m not doing that. Instead out of the hypothetical fires are born a new Stormiest, ready to march forth into a different Realm and a new edition of Age of Sigmar.

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What am I talking about today? Well, recently Games Workshop on their Warhammer Community site announced that a whole host of Stormcast models are being retired to Legends. What does that mean? Well, you can still use them in your games with free war scrolls but they won’t be supported in Army Tomes. A lot of the models will be replaced with newer sculpts like Liberators.

My new Stormcast colour scheme on the left. My Primal Kings colour scheme on the right.

I have a sizeable Stormcast army of my own creation called The Primal Kings and I’ve put a lot of effort into them. They don’t even feel that old to me, some of the Sacrosanct units that are being retired are only 6 years old. I don’t feel like collecting Primal Kings anymore, I don’t like the idea of mixing old and new Liberator armours or having half the army relegated to Legends rules. So, I’m going to start again from scratch, with a completely new paint scheme.

My adaption of the Hallowed Knights Stormhost. “Only the faithful!”

For my new Stormhost, I wanted something more based in reality with actual metallic armour so it’s more representative of what one might perceive as a Knight in a suit of armour. I decided on a blue tint for the armour to work in harmony with the blue shoulder pauldrons.

For the cloth I went with a regal burgundy, I was super close to using red because ~I thought a Superman vibe would have been cool, but once again I told myself to keep it grounded in reality. With this notion, I applied it to the tapestries flying off from the banner and kept them a dirty hemp like colour. Finishing the model off with some actual gold and metal colours and black leather belts and straps and he’s ready for battle.

In the space of a few weeks, I’ve gone for resentment and annoyance to excited to start a brand new army. Why not try it yourself next time something bugs you about the hobby, paint a new test mini (doesn’t have to be the same faction, or even the same game system). Watch this space for more Stormcast soon.

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