The Summerking’s feasts are renowned up and down his Kingdom all thanks to his butchers and the premier butchers amongst them all are the Skinnerkin. The Skinnerkin are led by Gristla Tenderhooke and comprise of Young Master Kretch, Flensemaster Pewdrig, Seddrik the Chain and the Carnskyr. In today’s post I share my finished painted Skinnerkin, a painting guide for them and an army shot of my entire Flesh-eater Courts collection.

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The bonkers banqueters believe they offer up the most sumptuous sweet meats for their liege when in reality it’s the carcasses of their enemies.

Model supplied to me by Games Workshop. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

This Warband comes included in the Warhammer Underworlds Wintermaw boxed game. A self contained set that includes all the board, cards and tokens you need to play. You can check out Stanley’s review here. Looking at Stanley’s sprue pics, he suffered the same problem I did. My Carnskyr’s wingtips were broken off. It was reasonably simple to glue the broken claw tips back on but it was still a slight annoyance.

From top to bottom;  and comprise of Seddrik the Chain, Flensemaster Pewdrig, Young Master Kretch, Carnskyr and Gristla Tenderhooke

The Skinnerkin also received a Warscroll for the Age of Sigmar (3rd edition) game. This Warscroll is a free download. Age of Sigmar 4th edition is soon to be released and it’s unknown which Underworld’s warbands will make it into the battle tomes and which will be relegated to Legends rules. Having invested time into painting these and adding them to my Age of Sigmar army, I really don’t want them demoted to Legends.

How to Paint the Skinnerkin

The Skinnerkin are part of my Flesh-eater Courts army, so that means I want the colour schemes to all match. The Royal Beast Flayers painting recipe card above includes most of the information that you need to paint the Skinnerkin. For the Carnskyr wings I used the Rotting Flesh recipe. Gristla’s hair isn’t listed above so for completionism here it is:

White Hair

Behold Ushoran and all who he surveys. My Flesh-eater Courts army has really grown recently with all the latest characters painted up and added. I also added the faction specific Charnel Throne terrain piece and the Endless Spells. Future additions I’m planning are Morbheg Knights and a Terrorghiest. For close ups pictures, check out this link that takes you to all my Flesh-eater Courts’ posts on this website.

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