Warcry Nightmare Quest is the fourth and final release in the Warcry Heart of Ghur series (also know as Season 2). In today’s blog post I round up all my pictures and painting guides I made whilst completing this set in one handy location. There’s also a shot of all 4 Warcry boards set up as an Age of Sigmar gaming table.

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These models were supplied to me by Games Workshop for free.

Let’s start this blog post off with a cinematic battle scene. Warcry Nightmare Quest sees the Royal Beastflayers warband, a group of of deluded ghouls who believe they are on a noble quest to destroy evil dragon eggs and will battle anyone who gets in the way of their quest, including, Sigmar’s very own Questing Knights, the Questor Soulsworn, elite, powerful warriors armed with devastating heavy melee weaponry. In the scene above the Realmshaper Engine crackles with magical energy as it pulses with landscape changing energies, the Stormcast Eternals try to get control of the situation whilst the Royal Flaymasters try to seize their prize.

The complete Warcry Nightmare Quest boxed set.

This isn’t a review, I leave that to Stahly who wrote a great review here, but I wanted to share my thoughts on Warcry Nightmare Quest before we got onto the close up pictures and painting guides. This set is an expansion set. It can be used as a standalone game even though it is missing the core rulebook, which is available to buy separately or download for free from the Games Workshop website.

All 4 Warcry boxed sets: Heart of Ghur, Sundered Fate, Bloodhunt and Nightmare Quest on a all 4 Warcry boards.

The reason why you should own a copy of Heart of Ghur (the first set released in this season of warcry) is because there are 12 terrain cards in Nightmare Quest and 6 of those include terrain layouts using the the Heart of Ghur Gnarlwood terrain set in combination with the Nightmare Quest terrain set. Sadly there aren’t any terrain cards for multiple expansion games, such as Bloodhunt and Nightmare Quest. The Core Rulebook does have rules for setting up your terrain though so you can mix and match from different sets if you really want.

How to paint Warcry Nightmare Quest

Painting guide on how to paint the terrain from all 4 Warcry sets.
Painting Guide on how to paint the Realm Shaper Engine from the Nightmare Quest set.

I love making these painting guides, not only do people on twitter/instagram tell me how useful they are for them but it’s a way for me to write down my recipes in a really visual way and ensures a continuity and consistency to my painting even when sets are painted months apart.

Questor Soulsworn prepare to leave the relative safety of a wyldwood and venture into a the savage Gnarlwood.

When I first heard that this set was going to include Stormcast and Flesh-eater Courts I was pretty disappointed. In previous posts I’d mentioned how I thought there was a pattern to the releases and when we didn’t get a Slaanesh vs Destruction warband I was wasn’t really interested. That feeling subsided when I received the box. I’d just painted Domitian’s Stormcoven, so I was kind of in the mood for painting more Stormcast and the Soulsworn scratched that itch.

This Warband is pretty amazing. Questor Primes, Knight-Relictors and Errant Questors are character models that have been sold individually in the past so getting a group of characters as a Warband is a nice starter for an Age of Sigmar army.

How to paint Questor Soulsworn

There is no easy way to approach painting the Questor Soulsworn. A white undercoat helps with the yellow and white capes, but makes painting the metals, grey and purples harder. Grey or black undercoats make it easier to paint the armour, metals and purple but then you’ll have hard time painting whites and yellows. I ended up choosing white undercoat.

For a couple more important tips on painting the Stormcast check out this link here.

Skulking through the giant skeletons of slain beasts, the Royal Beast Flayers seek out their next bloody feast.

It kind of blows my mind that a faction like Flesh-eater courts exists in Age of Sigmar. They have so few units to choose from I don’t understand why they’re not part of the Soulblight Gravelords faction. This warband potentially rectifies that by introducing new sub groups to the faction like Beastflayer Baron, Offal Hounds, Gore-Squires and a Royal Beast Flaymasters. The only existing models are the tiny Ghoul Trackers which are just Crypt Ghouls with a hunt based names.

How to paint the Royal Beastflayers

Painting the Warband was easy for me because I have already painted some Flesh Eater Court Ghouls. I bought the Start Collecting Flesh Eater Courts to build a Zombie Dragon and Vargheists for my Soulblight Gravelords and decided to paint the Ghouls as allies. To match in with the army I painted the Ghouls in the bestial colour scheme of my Vargskyr. I just carried this scheme over to the Royal Beastflayers. 

If you’d like to read more about what I thought about the rules of the Royal Beastflayers check out my post here.

As I mentioned, this isn’t a review, it’s more of a round up for prosperity’s sake. Warcry Nightmare Quest started off as a let down but ended up being an incredibly fun set to paint. The best thing in the whole set to paint was the Realmshaper Engine, a model that would cost you £40 on its own if you walked into a GW store to buy one.

Right! When does Season 3 start?

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