In my showcase post today, I’m presenting my version of a Host of the Everchosen Chaos Sorcerer Lord. Painted in the matte black and golden armour of Archaon the Everchosen’s armies, he is a modern classic and it’s the second time for me painting this model. Click here for more pictures and a free tutorial

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Abraxia is proof that the Path to Glory can be bountiful to the victorious.

A couple of weeks ago I found myself in-between projects and needing a fast model to paint, enter the plastic Chaos Sorcerer Lord. It’s the perfect pick up and paint miniature and took next to no time to finish. It was also a good excuse to practice my Host of the Everchosen paint scheme for my new Slaves to Darkness army.

The Chaos Sorcerer Lord is an uncluttered miniature and I think it suits a neat and tidy style like mine.

This model was actually part of Shadows of Hammerhal Warhammer Quest boxed game that my good pal Dunk gave to me. I’d already painted the the Aelf Loremaster from the set and more recently I painted the Gryph Hound from the set. It’s quite nice just to dip into this set and grab a character to paint. At this rate, I’ll have the whole set painted by 2030.

How to Paint the Host of the Everchosen Chaos Sorcerer Lord

The best way to paint the Chaos Sorcerer Lord is undercoat the model completely with Retributor Armour spray, then wash the entire model with Reikland Fleshshade and give it a light drybrush of Canoptek Alloy. That gives you all the gold trim done super fast. You can then start to black in the details.

The black armour is built up with thin glazes. Thinning the paint with Contrast Medium (or Lahmian Medium or even water) will create a more translucent paint, a bit like water colour painting. Building up these see-through layers can create softer blends perfect for area highlights on rounded shoulder pads. I’ve never understood the Eavy Metal team’s desire to paint thin edge lines on a curved shoulder pad, it breaks my brain and doesn’t look right (to me anyway).

Thanks for checking out another one of my posts. This model only took a couple of evenings to paint but I’m really happy with the the finished results. What do you think?

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