Another addition to my Nighthaunt collection, the Guardian of Souls from the now out of print Soul Wars box. Probably one of my favourite models from the range, if not for that pesky sword arm that’s super easy to break! Check out more pictures in this post.

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Nighthaunt Guardian of Souls in front of Azyrite Ruins

The Guardian of Souls is the second unit painted in my refined Nighthaunt paint scheme. You can find a tutorial for the original paint scheme here, but I changed a few things like the recipe for the brass, which is now basecoated with Balthasar Gold, washed with Strong Tone Wash from The Army Painter, and highlighted with a Balthasar Gold / Canoptek Alloy mix, after I washed selective recesses with Coelia Greenshade and Wizards Orb from The Army Painter mixed with Contrast Medium.

The turquoise balefire was basecoated with Toxic Mist from The Army Painter, washed with a Vallejo Model Color White / Contrast Medium mix around the centre, then layered with Toxic Mist with successive amounts of Formula P3 Arcane Blue mixed in, pure Arcane Blue, Arcane Blue with successive amounts of Sotek Green, pure Sotek Green, Sotek Green mixed with Incubi Darkness, and pure Incubi Darkness at the very tips of the flames.

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