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Showcase: Wolfpriest Kitbash Game

Ok a little game for our fine readers. This Wolf Priest kitbash (commission) consists of 23 unique and individual componants. More pictures after the jump, can you study them and name all 23 pieces? I bet you can’t! 23 bits from my bits box +…

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Showcase: Njall Stormcaller

  This Finecast mini is a reinforcement for an existing commission and has been coloured to match. The cast was hit and miss. The main body was nearly perfect, but the staff was pretty bad and some of the runes have suffered as a result….


WIP: Minotaurs Space Marines

I have accumulated a number of cool bits over the last few years. Bolter scopes, leather loin cloths, crusader helms and Mk 8 Torsos. I always wanted to incooperate them into a marine army – but never knew which way to go so they remained…

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Showcase: Grey Knights Death from the Skies

This commission was for two small units of power armour Grey Knights, each led by a hooded hammer bearer. The swords painted by hand rather than airbrush, as I find it quicker weirdly to do it by hand. I’ve enjoyed perfecting this deep black, and…


Tutorial: Scarebrushing vs Airbrushing

A few years ago I decided to get into airbrushing. It’s a fairly significant investment for most, and one which begs a lot of questions and Internet research. Here at Tale of Painters we believe in sharing what we, as amateur experts (and oxymorons) have…

Blood Bowl

WIP: High Elf Blood Bowl Team

Howdy Blood Bowl fans. One of my FAVOURITE things to do in this hobby is to build BB teams between commissions. I’ve gotten into the habit of buying a few fantasy box sets and indulging myself by seeing if I can come up with a…


Rev’s 2013 hobby resolutions and recap of 2012

Hello Tale of Painters blog readers! So pondering the year gone by seems fun, so here’s my effort – and enlightening it is too. Much of my hobby history seems to blend into one long painting session (ever been to look at houses only to…

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Showcase: An Unkindness of Ravens

Latest commission pieces – Raven Guard. Similar to Grey Knight scheme but with brown base for the white rather than blue. Very happy with these. Tried something new on the Sgt’s auspex. Black is done with Fang, Russ and Fenrisian Grey from GW’s new paints….

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Showcase: Empire Dandy

Have you ever painted a peacock feather before? Me neither – but it was worth a go, and it didn’t turn out too terribly! I actually quite enjoyed this guy, and had to do a bit of research into what peacock feathers and ravens actually…

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Showcase: Secrets & Lies

Another mini inspired by a book. I’ve got 4 or 5 of these old errant style marines. In an ironic twist this mini which must be around 20 years old is paired with very modern forgeworld parts. Perhaps it symbolises my journey through the hobby…