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WIP: Silver Skulls Librarian in Phobos Armour #2

Update on my Primaris Librarian in Phobos Armour painted as a Commander for my Silver Skulls Kill Team. For those who remember my last post, I wasn’t sure about the bright bone robes so I changed the camo cloak to a dark grey camouflage pattern…

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WIP: Dark Angels Primaris Chaplain

This Chaplain has been a bit of a slow burner this month. I’ve made great progress with the robes. I’m really happy with those and I have to paint the armour next.  Rear image of the model after the jump.  Get a Grip model handle…

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WIP: Dark Angels Infiltrator Sergeant

In my last post I wrote about how hard the Apothecary was to paint. I’ve thrown in the towel. I got so tired of detailing over white armour that I picked up a different model to paint. This Infiltrator Sergeant sat upon a Get a…

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40k, Showcase

Showcase: Dark Angel Primaris Force

Today’s post I just wanted to share the collection so far. It’s not finished but it’s at a size that’s worth sharing. After the jump I tell you how many points it is and why this isn’t an army I’d game with. What you’re looking…

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Showcase: Dark Angels Eliminators

I’m becoming quite efficient with my Conquest painting publication project, I’m finishing the monthly batch of models earlier and earlier. I finished April’s batch with a good two and half weeks spare which mean’t I could make a real dent in the Shadowspear boxset. After…

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