Ignite the jump packs and bring the battle right to the heart of the enemy force with the brand-new Captain with Jump Pack and Jump Pack Intercessors. Primaris fans have been waiting for infantry with jump packs for years, and here they are at last. We’ll explore what these new kits can do in this review.

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Primaris Space Marines Captain with Jump Pack and Jump Pack Intercessors review and unboxing
These items were kindly provided by Games Workshop. Thoughts and opinions are our own.

The new Primaris Space Marine models will be available for preorder starting Saturday, September 30, 2023, and go on sale not one but two weeks after (so a preorder window of two weeks).

Space Marines Captain with Jump Pack review

The small box contains a single small sprue with a Primaris Space Marine Captain on a 40mm base. A transfer sheet is missing. The Captain’s pose is dynamic, the body is monopose, but there are numerous arm and weapon options available. There is a right arm with a Hand Flamer, one with a Heavy Bolt Pistol, and one with a Plasma Pistol. On the left side, you can choose between an arm with a Chainsword, Power Sword, or Power Fist. The only thing I miss are a hammer and Storm Shield to build the previously popular “Smash Captain”.

Both shoulder pads are separate and can be swapped with other kits. You have the choice between a helmet with a laurel wreath and a bare head with a bionic eye. Unfortunately, the cape is not optional, as it is fused with the left hip guard and the large purity seal.
Overall, a very successful design.

Primaris Space Marines Captain with Jump Pack sprue
Captain with Jump Pack sprue

Jump Pack Intercessors review

The Jump Pack Primaris Intercessors box contains 5 models on two medium-sized sprues, 32mm bases, and the new transfer sheet with iconography for Ultramarines, Imperial Fists, Salamanders, and Raptors.

The Assault Squad Jump Pack Intercessors kit includes the following:

  • 5 bodies and jump packs, 5 left and 5 right shoulder pads (all bare)
  • 6 helmets, one with a skull detail for the Sergeant, and 6 bare heads
  • 5 right arms with Heavy Bolt Pistols, 1 right arm with a Plasma Pistol, and 5 left arms with Chainswords
  • Additionally, a right arm with Hand Flamer, a right arm with a Plasma Pistol, and a left arm with Power Sword, as well as an arm with Power Fist for the Sergeant
  • 2 tilt shields, 5 holsters, 7 small pouches and grenades, 5 purity seals, 5 small pendants, and a helmet for attachment to the belt

The pairs of arms are numbered with letters and designed to be intended for specific bodies. However, the contact points of the arms are flat, making them interchangeable with each other and with other Primaris kits.

Overall, the kit is excellently designed with dynamic poses, some extra bits, and characterful heads. However, if you don’t like tactical rocks, be prepared for some carving work, as the rocks are fused to the feet. Personally, I would have preferred running poses, but then the regular Assault Intercessors already have those. By the way, the jump packs have slightly different connectors than regular power packs, but they still fit onto other Primaris Space Marine models without much hassle.


Jump Pack Intercessors continue the trend of Heavy Intercessors, Desolation Marines and Sternguard that 5 model Primaris boxes cost almost as much as 10 model boxes used to. The Captain with Jump Pack is also slightly more expensive than previous Primaris character models with the same sprue size. It is what it is.

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  • Captain has three weapon options for each arm and two head options
  • Dynamic poses and additional CCWs for the Jump Pack Intercessors
  • New transfer sheet covering more chapters than before


  • High prices all around
  • Captain with Jump Pack is missing the old Smash Captain loadout
  • Tactical rocks aren't separate
Captain with Jump Pack
Jump Pack Intercessors

Final Verdict

The Primaris-ation of iconic Firstborn Space Marine units continues, giving us our first multipart Captain with a jump pack. The Jump Pack Intercessors offer the dynamic poses and level of detail characteristic of the Primaris range, even though, as yet another Intercessor subtype, they don't bring much new to the table.