Today I present you the first model from my Raven Guard Phobos Strike Team from Kill Team: Moroch, shot in front of the beautiful Space Hulk Gallowdark terrain from Kill Team: Into the Dark. I’ve also included a complete painting guide with a list of all the paints and techniques I used, so check out this post.

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Cinematic shot of a Raven Guard Primaris Infiltrator Veteran standing in a Space Hulk
Both Kill Team: Moroch and Kill Team: Into the Dark were kindly provided by Games Workshop

Primaris Infiltrators and Primaris Space Marines in Phobos-pattern power armour in general are my favourite Primaris infantry sculpts. When they received their own set of Kill Team rules in Kill Team: Moroch, I knew it was the perfect excuse to paint a unit of them. My choice was Raven Guard because Phobos troops thematically fit very well with this chapter and I love the look of the emo boys.

Raven Guard Phobos Strike Team Infiltrator Veteran painted by Stahly, front

The model shown is an Infiltrator Veteran, which you can see from the white painted arms and his customized gun. I changed the pose, gave him a smoke grenade in his hand and used some accessories from the Raven Guard Primaris upgrade sprue, like the head and the raven talismans on his belt.

Painting-wise, I went for a chipped and battle-damaged look, using zenithal highlights, oil washes and pigments, similar to my Sons of Horus tutorial. It’s really fun to explore new painting techniques, as I’m usually a really clean painter. I watched a lof of Cult of Paint videos on YouTube, go check them out, their tutorials are perfect if you want to learn more about this style of painting.

Raven Guard Primaris Infiltrators painting guide

Primer: AK Interactive Fine Black Primer

Black power armour
Zenithal highlight: TAP Air Regiment Grey
Varnish: Vallejo Polyurethane Gloss Varnish
Recess shade: Abteilung 502 Bitume Oil paint thinned with AK Interactive Odorless Thinner
Drybrush: TAP Uniform Grey
Sponge Weathering: TAP Air Regiment Grey
Chipping highlights. VMeC Steel

Basecoat: TAP Uniform Grey
2x Wash: Nuln Oil (new formula)

Dark brown leather
Basecoat: P3 Hammerfall Khaki
Wash: Wyldwood
Edge highlight & scratches: Gorthor Brown

White details & armour
Basecoat: Corax White
Wash: Apothecary White / Scale75 Dispel Magic 1:1
Recess shade: Apothecary White
Drybrush: VMC White
Chipping highlights: VMC Black

Basecoat: VMeC Steel
Wash: Nuln Oil (new formula)

Basecoat: VMA Steel
Wash: Apothecary White
Recess shade: Gryph-charger Grey

Petrol frag grenade casings
Basecoat: Thunderhawk Blue
Wash: Nuln Oil (new formula)
Edge highlight: P3 Trollblood Highlight

Purple grenades, cables, wax seals
Basecoat: VMC Violet
Wash: Nuln Oil (new formula)
Layer: VMC Violet / Kakophoni Purple 4:1
Layer: VMC Violet / Kakophoni Purple 1:1

Teal lenses
Basecoat: Stegadon Scale Blue
Layer: Thousand Sons Blue
Layer: Thousand Sons Blue / Temple Guard Blue 1:1
Highlight: Temple Guard Blue
Edge highlight: Baharroth Blue
Dot highlight: VMC White

Eye lenses
Basecoat: Temple Guard Blue
Recess shade: thinned Thousand Sons Blue
Edge highlight: Baharroth Blue
Dot highlight: VMC White

Basecoat: Runelord Brass
Wash: Agrax Earthshade

Basecoat: RMS Leather White
Wash: Agrax Earthshade / Scale75 Dispel Magic 1:1

Raven Guard Phobos Strike Team Infiltrator Veteran painted by Stahly, back

Basecoat: VGC Bonewhite
Wash: TAP Strong Tone Wash
Layer: VGC Bonewhite
Highlight: Screaming Skull
Highlight: P3 Menoth White Highlight

Basecoat: Incubi Darkness
Wash: Nuln Oil (new formula)
Highlight: Dark Reaper
Highlight: TAP Uniform Grey
Dot highlight: Celestra Grey

Pale skin
Primer: Corax White
Wash: Dreadful Visage / Reikland Fleshshade 1:2
Layer: RMS Leather White mixed with Dreadful Visage / Reikland Fleshshade mix
Highlight: RMS Leather White

Messy hair
Primer: Corax White
Wash: Black Legion
Highlight: P3 Bastion Grey
Highlight: P3 Trollblood Highlight

I also made a 360° video, which you can check out over on my Instagram. Please give me a like and follow if you haven’t already, I sometimes post models a little bit earlier over there 🙂

I can’t wait to show you more of this Kill Team, as they go exploring the Gallowdark from Kill Team: Into the Dark (see my review of the box here). Let’s see how they fare, I suspect the lighter Phobos pattern suits are probably not the best for small confines boarding actions, but they’ll have to be extra sneaky to make up for it!

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