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Hey Tale of Painters, good to be back. This time I’m sharing some of my T’au Kill Team and I’ve got some sweet Games Workshop style 360°spins!

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These T’au are part of Infiltration Cadre Aurora, a team dispatched on a vanguard mission to a ruined Sector Mechanicus facility. In contrast to the grim darkness of the Imperium I love the naive optimism of the Tau. For this reason, I picked a bright yet somewhat impractical battlefield colour scheme! This gave me plenty of opportunity to weather and chip their battle gear, as if to represent the hopelessness of galactic war and the attrition it has taken on their idealism.

Exclusively for Tale of Painters I’ve created some interactive 360°spins of my favourite miniatures from the Kill Team.

The Breacher Shas’ui is a veteran leader, with a stoic, tactical pose. I converted a HUD visor from a spare gun sight which I imagine is networked to his shoulder mounted scanner.

The Pathfinder Sniper Specialist is taking careful aim down his railrifle. He’s a deadly assassin and is super effective in games of Kill Team, usually making a mess of anything he shoots at!

The Fire Warrior Team Comms Specialist is is calling in urgent supporting fire via his antenna-array. His specialism is marked with the shoulder pad icon, and his field-scanner hangs ready from his belt.

One of the team’s Pathfinders cautiously stalks through corroded sector corridors, her pulse carbine holstered and side arm drawn.

A Fire Warrior provides covering fire for the Pathfinders advancing through the rusted ruins.

Kill Team Aurora also takes a DS8 Tactical Support Turret into the field to help defend objectives and provide fire support.

You can see more shots of the whole T’au Kill Team, back story and paint recipes over at and also on my Instagram.

Let us know if you liked the 360°s – I’ll hopefully be back to share some more soon!

 Until next time, For The Greater Good!