What an honor! Thank you so much for the invite Stahly! My name is Stephen Juliano (Julianominis @instagram , rippedoffface @Flickr) and I am a multimedia designer and musician from Virginia. I have been painting models now for about 2 years and I am very pleased to show off my latest labor of love. Skaven Clan Pestilens lead into battle by none other than Thanquol and his retinue of Albino Stormvermin.

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I was very inspired by a couple sources for this army, mainly the grand congregation of Nurgle from the “Ghal Maraz” book. The images of all the different factions of Nurgle was truly awesome. The other inspiration was from the book “Grey Seer”. That book describes the albino Stormvermin as being the elite guard that accompanies Thanquol.

Color Scheme:

I wanted to find colors that were true to an army devout to Nurgle but also maintained nice contrast. I decided on Vallejo model air dark green as my main color for the army. This green wasn’t too dark and wasn’t too bright and works well for quickly base coating all the robes for the monks and vermin. For contrast to this, I decided on Citadel Celestra grey for accent cloths on the models and worked up highlights mixing in palid witch flesh. I also used this as the base color for any skaven with white fur to help tie into the overall theme.

For the rust I used typhus corrosion with a dry brush of ryza rust and runefang steel over any armor/metal parts to really get that bright orange to pop and add texture and life to the models.

The last main ingredient across all the models is Nurgle’s rot. This made for an EXCELLENT mucky look on the bases as well as the blades for the monks and other bits of the models. I also brushed some Nurgle’s rot on to any small rats on the bases of the models to make them look even more sickly. This project was the first time I had ever used a wet palette and I LOVE it. I won’t use anything else now.

I hope you enjoy and any comments are appreciated!