When I saw this limited Warhammer Day miniature, I knew I had to shelf the Crimson Court and work on Anasta Malkorio ASAP. The commanding pose and ribcage armour make her the perfect leader for my Deathrattle legions.

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Cinematic shot of Anasta Malkorion, Games Day miniature

As with all my Gravelords, I imagine this Vampire Lord to be part of Neferata’s Legion of Blood. You can find a list of the colours used in this post on my Skeleton Warrior test model.

Only the recipe for the skin is new. I basecoated the skin with Dawnstone, then thinned Shadow Black from Scale75’s Instant Color range (you can also use Nuln Oil with some Drakenhof Nightshade instead) with Contrast Medium and applied it as a wash. Once dry I layered with Dawnstone, and mixed in some Greyseer for the highlights, but kept it subtle. At the end, I thinned Carroburg Crimson with Contrast Medium and glazed cheeks, lips and eyes with several thin layers.

How do you like my version of Astana… Astella… Anasta Malkorion? (I just can’t remember the spelling of her name, is it just me lol?) I think the pale grey for the skin is something different and hopefully stands out well against the armour and bones. Maybe it’s gone a bit dark, but I think I’ll experiment with different shades of grey for my future vampire models.

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Hope you enjoyed my version of this model, let me know in the comments if you bought and painted Anasta yourself!