It’s summer, temperatures are rising year after year, and paint dries away from you faster than you can get it on the model. Time for a wet palette. Green Stuff World has a particularly inexpensive model on offer, but do you have to sacrifice quality for that? I answer that question in this review of Green Stuff World’s wet palette.

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Green Stuff World’s wet palette is available in two sizes, regular (182x132mm work area) and XL (190x280mm). Each palette comes with 2 sponges and 50 sheets of palette paper (both available separately in case you run out of supplies). The regular version has a competitive RRP of 12.95 Euro, the XL version is 20.95 Euro.

Green Stuff World Wet Palette Unboxing
This item was kindly provided by Green Stuff World. Thoughts and opinions are our own.

Please note: In the past, there have been some (justified) shitstorms around Green Stuff World. For example, they recently used a paint job for product packaging without the approval of the artist. Since I try to maintain an unbiased and journalistic approach, I feel the need to point this out, but ultimately leave it up to you to judge.

Green Stuff World Wet Palette review

As someone who didn’t use wet palette for years and then switched over, I can tell you: A wet palette is an invaluable hobby tool. Even if you’re not using advanced painting techniques like wet blending or glazing, a wet palette will prevent your paint from drying, which keeps your paint fresh and workable even in Summer, and helps you save paint. More reasons to use a wet palette in this post.

Green Stuff World vs Redgrass Creative Painter / Painter lite comparison
Green Stuff World vs Redgrass Creative Painter / Painter lite comparison

Some of the most popular wet palettes are Redgrass Creative’s Everlasting Wet Palettes, whose original version I reviewed here and the updated V2 version here. The design of Green Stuff World’s wet palette is clearly inspired by Redgrass Creative. The regular version is minimally smaller than the Painter / Painter lite size of the Everlasting Wet Palette, but otherwise very similar. I like that Green Stuff World’s version has a recess for the elastic band, as well as ergonomic grip recesses to open the palette. Unfortunately, you have to do without a rubber seal, but the palette still closes well, as long as you keep the bottom part clean. The green and gray design is a matter of taste. I would have liked a more neutral color scheme better.

Green Stuff World wet palette opened
The fit of the foam pad could be slightly better

The two foam pads included are of good quality and are slightly thicker than the foam pad in The Army Painter’s Wet Palette (which I reviewed here), but the fit could be a bit better. The foam has an antibacterial treatment to prevent mould and impurities. The hyropaper also works perfectly well. It can’t quite keep up with Redgrass Creative’s reusable membranes, but you can get it in very inexpensive 50 paper packs.

Where to get

You can find Green Stuff World’s wet palettes at our 🇬🇧/🇪🇺 partner stores Wayland Games and Element Games, at 🇩🇪 Taschengelddieb, with a welcome discount of up to 10% over RRP, or get them directly from Green Stuff World (website shipping worldwide). Using our links supports Tale of Painters with no extra cost to you:

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  • Good quality case with ergonomic features
  • Comes with 2 foam pads and 50 hydropaper sheets
  • Very affordable (half price compared to Redgrass Creatives' Painter lite


  • Bland green and grey design

Final Verdict

Green Stuff World's Wet Palette is a solid wet palette that meets all expectations. Case and foam have good quality, and for a more than fair price. With two sizes available, you can adjust the palette to the size of your workspace.