Unfortunately I don’t have step by step pictures, but for those interested in how I painted my army and which colours I used, I’ve got this comprehensive list for you.

Prime black.

Blue Armour – basecoat Mordian Blue, blackline VGC Black Ink, highlight Ultramarines Blue and VGC Steel Blue.
Golden parts – basecoat VGC Glorious Gold, shade VGC Brown Ink, highlight Mithril Silver.
Brown Leather – basecoat Scorched Brown, wash Badab Black, highlight Scorched and Bestial Brown.
Metal – basecoat Boltgun Metal, wash Badab Black, highlight Chainmail.
Loincloth – basecoat Khemri Brown, layer VGC Khaki, highlight Dheneb Stone and P3 Morrow White.
Purity Seals parchment – basecoat Khemri Brown, layer Bleached Bone, highlight Morrow White.
Purity Seal wax – basecoat Mechrite Red, wash Badab Black, layer Mechrite Red, highlight Blood Red.
Red helmets – as purity seal wax, but add another highlight of Blazing Orange.
Red eyes – layer Blood Red, highlight Blazing Orange, add a little white dot for the reflection.
White Helmets – basecoat Codex Grey, layer VGC Ghost Grey, highlight Morrow White.
Black Armour, Bolter Casings – basecoat Chaos Black, highlight Chaos Black/Codex Grey mix and pure Codex Grey
Skin – basecoat Tanned Flesh, layer Dwarf Flesh, highlight with Dwarf Flesh/Elf Fles mix and pure Elf Flesh
Bases – basecoat Codex Grey, drybrush VGC Stonewall Grey and Ghost Grey, wash one half of the base with Badab Black, the other half with Devlan Mud, drybrush Stonewall Grey

Vehicles were painted like blue armour, but I drybrushed the highlights rather than hand-paint them. After that I used Adeptus Battlegrey and Boltgun Metal for scratches. The chipped paint effect on the Vindicator front dozer blade was made by stippling Adeptus Battlegrey first, then Boltgun Metal, then repeating those steps and finally add some highlights with Chainmail.


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