How does anticipation and excitement turn to guilt so quickly in the Warhammer hobby? One minute, I’m super hyped and can’t wait to paint the best looking skeleton models Games Workshop has ever released and then a blink of an eye it’s 5 years later and i’m looking at a dusty box on the shelf feeling bad I never painted them.

I can’t even remember what project jumped in the way and stopped me painting this Underworlds’ warband, I’ve painted hundreds and hundreds of models since I bought these, including an entire Soulblight Gravelords army! It was actually raising my undead army that made me decide to break into the cardboard box crypt holding the long forgotten Sepulchral Guard and summon them to join the ranks of my Vyrkos Dynasty Soulblight Army.

Using the painting guide I wrote for my Cursed City boxed game (link for the tutorial at the end of this article) it was pretty easy to make these dynamic, ancient skeletons fit in with the static ranks of newly raised Ulfernwatch. The Ulfernwatch all have identical uniforms and a similar amount of degradation. The Sepulchral Guard all have varying amounts of rags and weapons. They look like they’re all from different time periods, reanimated and organised to fight together as a unit. I think I prefer this Sepulchral Guard aesthetic to the Ulfernwatch approach.

A happy side effect to that colour scheme on these models is they look like they’ve jumped straight out of a Ray Harryhausen stop motion model animation. So much so, I just really wanted to capture that feel in the above shot. Barbarians and Skeletons, does it get any better for a fantasy clash.

I painted the Sepulchral Guard over the months of March and April. They were painted inbetween my Black Templars, Nurgle, Black Legion and Dark Angels projects. I didn’t rush them but in all honestly I didn’t really have any focus during these months and was just painting stuff I had already assembled and to hand.

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Here’s the paint guide for my Deathrattle skeletons I mentioned earlier. Painting these has made me want to paint more models for my Soulblight Gravelords. It’ll have to wait though as I’m working on something special which i’ve been posting about on twitter. I’ve been sent a copy of Masters of the Universe Battleground by Archon Games. Check it out.

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