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The leaked pictures are already on the internet for about a week, but boy, those models look even better in the proper pictures and 360° galleries you find on, don’t you think? So guys, let’s talk a bit about this new starter set. Who is going to have a new army because of it? I know Garfy is itching to pick up a box and start a Chaos army. Personally, I won’t get Dark Vengeance for now, even though Dark Angels were an old love of mine…

A quick rundown of the models, some ideas to discuss and some advice how to get the box at a discount after the jump.


The most impressive models of the box can surely be found on the Chaos side of things. The Chosen and the Chaos Lord fully capture the essence of the artworks for the first time. They are so extremely detailed, that they blow all the old models out of the water. I’m not sure if they’ll sit well beside the old kits, as those new Chosen make them look a bit crude and simplistic, nevertheless I’m really looking forward to the miniatures wave that comes with the Chaos codex that is rumoured for next month.


The Hellbrute is the reincarnation of the Chaos Dreadnought. I must admit I alway found Chaos a bit bland – Space Mahreens with spikes and a bad temper. But models like the Helbrute really set a new direction for Chaos. More mutated, more warped, more flavour in my opinion. I hope for a lot of new daemon engines and gribbly stuff in the new codex.

For the first time since the end of the 90s, Chaos Cultists become proper models and rules. They were always a huge part of the background and I’m glad to finally see them on the battlefield. Even though I must say that of all of the models in Dark Vengeance, I like those cultists the least. The one with the fetish like face mask is cool, but all in all I was just expecting something different, something more along the lines of Dawn of War or the guard renegades from Forgeworld. These cultists look too cobbled together for my taste, and too much like Necromunda gangers. I also dislike the squad leader, which I find too comical.

Dark Angels

I feel the Dark Angels have less of the “wow”-factor that Chaos has, but then you pretty knew what to expect when hearing Dark Angels. I like the Deathwing Terminators, especially the squad seargent with his old school head crest. Ravenwing bikers are also cool, the power armoured marines are allright as well, even though I don’t like the pose of the seargent and his tabbard, which looks very Black Templars like.

My favourite model from the Dark Angel force is the Librarian. I really like the pose with the outstreched arm. You have seen such a pose in a lot of conversions, but this is the first GW model that has it. The Dark Angel Captain is allright, I don’t like the Asterix wings on the helmet, but I guess that could be easily changed. Still a bit miffed that they didn’t include a Terminator armoured Belial, a model which is missing in the Dark Angels range for quite a while.

In case you missed out, the limited edition of Dark Vengeance comes with an additional plastic Interrogator-Chaplain. Suprising to see a plastic model that’s limited. It’s an alright model I guess, I’m not too fond of the pose to be honest, looks like he is almost falling over. But it should be a nice addition for all Dark Angels players, shouldn’t it.

It’s up to you…

So who is going to start a Dark Angel or Chaos army now? Or do you plan to convert the models and put them in your regular Marine armies? Please share your ideas in the comments.

We at Tale of Painters are currently preparing a review and some painting tutorials for the models in Dark Vengeance for next weekend and thereafter. Maybe our crew will also paint up some of the models – what would you like to see from us? Maybe Garfy would like some suggestions for his upcoming Chaos army? Drop it in the comments!

Discounts anybody?

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