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Hi guys, as my Skaven army is finally complete (of course an army is never complete, but for the time being I’ve painted everything I wanted). I thought it would be nice to share some army shots with you. A Fantasy army all ranked up always looks impressive, maybe because everything is so neatly arranged thanks to the movement trays. So click “more after the jump” for more pictures and a little retrospective about painting this army.

All in all, this army kept my busy for about two years. Of course, I painted some smaller projects for my other armies in between, but most of the time I was painting rat tails. What did I hate the most? Painting rat tails. Seriously, all those segments you have to highlight individually, it’s a nightmare…

My idea was to use a lot of muted colours for this army, so that the bright green warpstone can really pop out. I acchieved that, but looking back I would have liked to add more vibrant colours, it just is more of my style. By the way, this is the first army I’ve completely blogged – check out the Skaven tag on the right or click here and browse through all the 194 posts – it starts with a humble test model and ends with this 2500 pts army with over 170 models.


Allright, every serious Skaven player would actually have the double amount of bodies on the table but then I would have really lost my sanity. Painting a Fantasy army is a hard task, as you usually have a lot more models than in 40k. A serious challenge even for an experienced hobbyist like me. I’d never advise a newbie to start Fantasy. The chance of actually finishing a decent size army, even with just basic washing and drybrushing techniques, before reaching hobby exhaustion, is very small.

I’ve still got some Skaven models laying around. The Games Day Warlord and an Engineer and Rat Ogre from Island of Blood for example. But for now, I’m going to enjoy painting some other stuff. There will be additions to my Eldar and Ultramarines, as well as some Escher gangers and there is also my Dark Eldar megaforce. But I’ll definately come back to my Skaven at some point. Apart from the models I already own, I’d like to see GW come out with a proper new Rat Ogres kit, would love to have a 3×2 unit of those, also I’d like to see some new jezzails and poisoned wind globadiers. Future talk, of course.

So what do you think? Two years of hard hobby lavour created this, what’s your opinion? Have you also been through a long project recently? Tell me in the comments!


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