Released for the first time this weekend is the Necron Chronomancer. A new Commander model for Necron Killteams found in the Pariah Nexus Expansion. Chronomancers’ are masters of time and temporal manipulation.

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Tendrilskirt will be all the rage this season.

My Chronomancer is part of my 40K Necron force and I decided to arm her with an Entropic Lance which is hugely devastating at Strength 8 Assault 1. With -3 AP and D3+3 damage it’s really useful to knock wounds from vehicles or highly armoured targets. Even in combat it’s -3 AP and 3 damage. The Chronomancer hits on a 3+ in combat and shooting so pretty reliable. Pretty cool for just 80pts!

You can choose to equip the Aeonstave instead if you prefer a shorter range Assault D3 weapon. It’s Str 5 -2 AP, damage 1 is still nice but I just preferred the Entropic Lance.

The Chronomancer has a neat piece of Wargear called a Chronometron in 40K games that allows a friendly unit within 9″ of her to reroll charge rolls and gives that unit a 5+ invulnerable save. I can see that being pretty useful for a unit of 20 Flayed Ones.

Painting the Chronomancer was pretty easy having painted plenty in the last 8 months. I used my Necron Warrior tutorial that translated really nicely to this new Cryptek.

She sure does look cool flanked by a couple of Cryptothralls.

I downloaded the 40K App so I could add my points up my Necron collection. My army is made up from the Necrons in the Indomitus launch set, a C’tan Shard of the Void Dragon and the Necrons from Killteam Pariah Nexus expansion and they total 1460pts! That’s so cool, so close to a milestone. 2 Cyptothralls are 40pts so I might see if I can get a couple of those to join my Chronomancer.

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