The Chaos Lord on Karkadrak is a little tricky to get as it’s only available in the Start Collecting Slaves to Darkness set. Luckily I wanted the Chaos Knights and Chaos Warriors as well. I finished my 10 Chaos Warriors and thought I’d stop batch painting for a moment and paint this model instead. I already knew how I was going to paint the armour and the Chaos Lord but the Karkadrak’s skin was baffling me. After the jump I share more pictures and the recipe for the mount’s scaly hide

The main hide of the Karkadrak is two thin coats of Sybarite Green and then Terradon Turquoise thinned with Contrast Medium washed all over and then the scale edges highlighted with Celestra Grey.

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The armoured plates along the top are base coated with Incubi Darkness and then washed with Contrast Akhelian Green. Highlighted with Thunderhawk Blue and edge highlighted with Celestra Grey

For the armour you can follow my Iron Golem tutorial. For the cloths and furs you can follow my Untamed Beasts tutorial.

 The Daemonbound Blade was fun. I had helped a mate work out how to paint glowing molten steel weapons last year and when he sold his Stormcast I felt like I could “claim” the technique back and apply it to one of my models. Super happy with how it came out. To paint it start with a white undercoat then work through these colours, Flash Gitz Yellow, Yriel Yellow, Fire Dragon Bright, Wild Rider, Bloodletter Glaze. Finally use Rhinox Hide to add tiny little dots to the edges. 

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Eagle-eyed readers will note the addition of static grass. I found a company called Gamers’ Grass and they have some amazing choice of colours. These ones are called Alien Turquoise. 

The past six months has seen me paint a lot of different Chaos units. So many different approaches and challenges to work out. It’s so much harder than painting my Primaris Dark Angels which once I have the Green scheme worked out that’s it until the end of the army. Slaves to Darkness is like painting a new army with every unit! It’s extremely rewarding though and more than anything it’s interesting. It’s hard to get bored when the next unit is different. 

I’ll be back soon with some more Chaos Marauders. Can I carry on riding this Chaos train until the army is finished? I hope so. 

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