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This month we have two reader submissions to the Tale of Mega Painters project. Rory’s Tau from McNeil Painting Projects and Andy’s Astral Claws from Miniature Miscellany. Read on to see their progress this month.

Well long time no see all you TofP gremlins! Insulting aside lets carry on with the post. So this update should have happened a long time ago but I didn’t have anything to add, sorry to all the other painters if you have had stuff but I stopped you from showing it off. Today we have some kroot, Vespids and Firewarriors. None of the stuff is based but it is fully painted. I am going to wait till I have more models completed before basing. Well enough of the chit chat, onto the pics!


The Kroot were done slightly differently to the previous set, the process was quicker and I actually prefer the results. The Vespid took a long time to get right and I am really pleased with it and at the moment I am in progress of making a tutorial since there are hardly any for the fluff colour scheme.

Now as a small extra I also have a couple of pictures of the colour scheme I have done for my own Tau army. Some of you may have all ready seen them but I want to know what all you painting buffs here at Tale of Painters think.

I have based these on a Thai Gecko which I found on the net, for more images look here, Kroot,  Firewarrior. Thanks for reading, any opinions are much appreciated, and until next time, bye for now!

Over to Andy:

Hi, I’m Andy from Miniature Miscellany. Alongside working on other projects (which you can see on my blog) I have been diligently plugging away at my Astral Claws. Here is my latest unit to be completed, an Assault Squad.

This squad really showcases what I love about Space Marines, the huge range range of interchangeable kits produced by both Games Workshop and Forge World provides great scope for customisation. Although this squad is primarily based around the mkIV Assault Squad from Forge World, I wanted to maintain the eclectic and individual look of each of the Marines and have included a number of plastic parts as well. I have mixed up different armour types so that only one marine has a full set of mkIV plate whereas the others combine parts from different patterns of armour. I imagine that each chapter maintains older types of armour and wargear but, over time, parts become irreparably damaged and pieces from different types of armour are combined to make up full suits. This also leaves me with a number of spare parts to be scattered through other squads.

With this squad I have gone with the ‘rule of cool’ rather than think strictly about rules and army lists. As a painter and modeller I’m more concerned with the aesthetic of my models than the game. I know that Assault Squads cannot take hand flamers but they look great and that’s the main thing. If I do ever play a game with them I’ll probably just count them as flamers.

Now, I should probably get back to that pile of grey plastic and resin and get building my next squad.

Back over to Garfy.

Wow, this update from two of my favourite bloggers on the net is fantastic. Make sure you check out and bookmark their sites. I’m feeling pretty inspired after having drooled over these lovely models so I’m off to paint my Tesseract Ark.

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