I know what you’re thinking troops – it’s been a while. And you’d be right. My last post was in Q1 of this year and it’s now deep into Q4.

I was away with work for a bit, and came back to a very broken DSLR. The cost of having small children I guess. Anyway, after weeks of scouring eBay I have got myself a shiney new camera – but that story is for another day.

I’d like to share with you my High Elf Blood Bowl team. More pictures after the jump…

I love playing Elves in BB. Woodies are my favs, but after a recent spell on the PC version I turned my hand to the public school boys of the Evlen world. I had a firm idea in my head regarding the Lion Warrior/Blitzers, but everything else was kitbashed.

The team consists of a meaty 9 Linemen. This is because in weaker leagues I like to start with a low number of positionals, and this gives me the option to do so. They are made mainly from Phoenix Guard, though one of them has (for some unknown reason) Lion Warrior legs.

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 The Catchers were really fun to make. I started with two, but had such fun I went for the full four. They’re made from Lion Warrior bits mainly – as always with BB teams the main work which goes in is regarding the hands. Cutting away weapons and remodelling fingers to make them look reasonably realistic.

 Finally, reprinted from the front page, are the Dragon Warriors and Throwers. The Dragon Warrior heads took a while to source, but look really effective and I’m glad I bothered. I went for two different looks quite deliberately with these chaps, as when they skill up its nice to retain some character. The Throwers are also quite unique, the balls rolled from Green Stuff.

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I hope you like the team, I’d appreciate some suggestions for names if you’ve got some. To give you a flavour of my style, my Woodies are called the Flying Squirrels and my Lizzies are the Slippery Buggers. Suggestions in the comments please!!