In this post, I’ll guide you through the process of painting The Headman’s Curse, the new Nighthaunt warband for Warhammer Underworlds. I rendered these sinister figures in a hauntingly purple scheme. Dive into the Wyrdhollow and uncover the secrets of these macabre miniatures with me.

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Nighthaunt warband The Headman's Curse front, painted by Stahly
These models were kindly provided by Games Workshop Ltd.

As I mentioned in my post for The Bearer of the Block, painting these models was a blast, and reminded me to paint Nighthaunt more often. I just love the variety of shapes and sizes this warband has, and in their combination, these models tell a great narrative. You’ve got the colossal Wielder of the Blade, his smaller Chainrasp lackey Sharpener of the Blade, and the more Grimghast-sized Bearer of the Block and Scriptor of the Sentence.

Nighthaunt warband The Headman's Curse back view, painted by Stahly

Painting The Headman’s Curse

To achieve the purple-to-white gradient on the spectral bodies of my Nighthaunt, I first sprayed the models with a mixture of Warpaints Air Alien Purple and Warpaints Air Yeti White. Then I sprayed a zenithal highlight with pure Warpaints Air Yeti White, and drybrushed the bodies with Corax White and Vallejo Game Color Dead White. I added additional shading with diluted Vallejo Xpress Color Gloomy Violet. You can find a detailed list of all the colours in my post on Bearer of the Block.

If you need more detailed instructions, feel free to check out my Patreon. You’ll find a 22-page step-by-step PDF tutorial for my Nighthaunt paint scheme there, as well as many other masterclass PDF tutorials and hobby resources like my one coat paints comparison chart:

How to paint Nighthaunt Patreon tutorial banner

You can grab the complete step-by-step tutorial for my Nighthaunt here in my Patreon shop (or by becoming an Autarch tier member). Also includes additional tutorials for turquoise hexfire and glow effects!

Cinematic shot of The Headman's Curse, a Nighthaunt Warhammer Underworlds warband

All I need now is a suitable backdrop for my Nighthaunt army. The graveyard scenery from the Warcry: Crypt of Blood starter box fits perfectly with my Shyish terrain collection, so I’ll tackle that next. Hope you enjoyed this showcase post.

Leave a comment or reaction below, or head over to our friendly hobby Discord server to discuss these models. Until then, happy hobbying 🙂


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