Two years ago I painted a Silver Skulls Primaris Kill Team, and now I thought I’d like to go the next step and work towards a 500 pts Combat Patrol army. For this, I painted two more models so I could make a codex legal unit of five Reivers. Check out more pictures after the jump.

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Silver Skulls Primaris Reivers Squad

I heard that Reivers aren’t a popular choice in the current meta. But they got skull masks! And my chapter is Silver Skulls. I think for this alone they are a mandatory choice, aren’t they? Plus, when I painted the original three models for my Kill Team, the expansions weren’t out yet, so Space Marines had only Intercessors and Reivers to choose from when sticking to Primaris models only.

Silver Skulls Primaris Reiver Squad
Silver Skulls Primaris Reivers

Here are the original three models from my Kill Team. I removed the original Sector Imperialis bases and added generic grey rubble bases, which are more suitable for army-level painting. The Sector Imperialis bases’ details are so soft that I feel they require manual highlights instead of drybrushing to make them pop. So I opted for a basing style that I could do faster and that is in line with my Adeptus Mechanicus Kill Team, in case I want to combine them into an allied Mechanicus / Silver Skulls army in the (far) future.

These two Reivers are the new additions. The model on the left, is inspired by my brother, I named him Feliks. I thought the headsculpt had a similar haircut than my brother, so I went for his haircolour and dedicated the model to him. My Intercessor Sergeant is inspired by Garfy’s “mohawk phase” by the way 😀

Primaris Reiver with muzzle-flash by

Here is a cool scenic shot with a cinematic muzzle-flare effect piece from Tablehammer, check out our review here. And if you’re interested in my Silver Skulls paint scheme, I already did a complete step-by-step tutorial you can find here.

So what will the future bring? I need to paint one more Intercessor to complete the squad, and then I’d like to focus on more Phobos-pattern models like a squad of Infiltrators with an Impulsor transport. Maybe I’ll manage to complete a 500 pts Combat Patrol army until the end of the year? Fingers crossed.

How do you like my Reivers? Leave a reaction and drop any questions or comments in the comments section below.