My Chaos tank is finally finished. As you may know I was distracted half way through this project creating an Ogre tutorialand a Cultist tutorial. I don’t like leaving projects unfinished (looks at his Imperial Knight sat on his desk) so I’m pleased to finish this one. Eleven high quality pictures after the jump!

Since thelast WIP , I’ve painted the gunner, dusted up the tracks and skirt and covered the ram in blood. This final touches don’t detract from the overall paint job but just add a little extra detail to the model that helps tell the story. It’s clearly seen action now.

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I touched upon the fiery Daemon glow in the WIP post. I wanted to elaborate on it a little more. Usually when I paint OSL I paint up to white to get a really bright glow effect (check out my Necrons). For this model, I had to tone it down. Black doesn’t reflect light that well, so for convincing OSL it had to be really soft and almost not there. It’s too easy to overdo OSL (especially with an airbrush) I choose to glaze my glows, I get way more control and it doesn’t look like it’s just been sprayed.

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Inside you can barely make out the Eyes of Horus on monitors. It’s clearer in my first WIP post.

I used Forgeworld’s Dark Sand weathering powder on the tracks. I just rub it in with an old brush. Then using a bigger clean brush dust it off until no more comes off. I don’t varnish or seal my models. 

Havoc Launcher and Combi-melta should prover useful in games. I will also be firing Chosen melt guns from the top hatch. Hopefully turning this unit into an effective tank hunter and mop up unit. A dirge caster (represented by the screaming face plates) puts a stop to overwatch cutting down my small squad of six warriors. 

I really wanted to sponge on some metal chips on to the hull of this vehicle, but I haven’t done this for  other Daemon Engines in the army, so for consistency I’ve left it (Stahly will be so proud). 

What do you think of the final model? Do you like my Daemonic take on the Chaos Space Marine Rhino? Let me know in the comments. 

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