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Heyhey, I’m back, and here’s the finished Space Hulk Librarian!

After the jump you’ll find more pictures of finished Space Hulk Terminators (in blue no less!) and other stuff from long ago and far, far away…

I’m really out of things to say about the Space Hulk terminators. 😀 I painted three sets of the guys over the past 4 years. It was nice painting a differently coloured set for once as I really dig the Ultramarines Terminators colour scheme.

As a little bonus if you will, here is a bunch of minis from that new boardgame by FFG, Imperial Assault. They’re pretty much tall 28mm figures, kinda like Warhams:

Being made by FFG (or whoever makes minis for them), they’re cast in that soft, wobbly plastic which always comes with rather annoying mold lines, but the minis themselves are rather nice.

Actually just a few minutes into painting Vader I remembered all the reasons why
he still is the coolest bad guy ever and put on a “imperial march 10
hours” video on youtube on (I didn’t listen to it all the way through 😛 ). I tend to forget it and get annoyed (mostly due to people posting
star wars related “humour” or references.), but Star Wars is
cool. I don’t like the prequels, I’m not passionate about the upcoming
film or watch any of the animated tv shows, but I don’t have to. There’s
the original three films, they’re fine, and that’s that. It’s like with
Neon Genesis Evangelion or 40k. Just because something stupid has the same label on it doesn’t make the good stuff any worse. It’s always about picking what one likes and stick to that I guess.

The rules seem to be based on Descent2 (the dungeon crawler, not the video game 😉 ). I only ever played the first Descent and found it to be alrightish. But of course it’s a good source for 28mm Star Wars minis which you can proceed to use for what ever you like. The thing about Star Wars gaming is that it’s got this interesting mix of lots of guns with a few very skilled supernatural swordsmen in between. Somehow I think that the Ronin rules should work very well for such stuff. Or, if you prefer the gun part, go with Tomorrow’s War or Flying Lead maybe (or that ‘wacky sci-fi’ version of Flying Lead. I think it’s called something like Song of Mutants and Rayguns?)

Anyway, hope you like the minis!