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Let’s have a look at some resin. Orky extra bits and pieces supplied by Kromlech Miniatures. Actually this is three bits packs and one full kit to the review is split into two parts. Today it’s all about the bits.

The models in this review were supplied by Kromlech Miniatures (thanks, Artur!). I prefer to point this out when ever I receive review copies just you guys know. I always aim to write my reviews in an honest and unbiased fashion because otherwise there would not be much point to them, right? 

I’m sure that the most of you will have heard of Kromlech at this point. This Polish company has been around for a bunch of years now, mostly known for their conversion parts for GW’s Warhammer 40,000 Orks range and their full Ork models. 

Looking at the package I was sent, all the bits came in one plastic baggy. Interestingly enough already, hardly any flash in sight.

After a good scrub with soapy water (which is a must with resin and metal figures) I took a closer look.

Let’s see what we got here…

1 pack of Confederates Heads

The heads probably are my favourite part. Stylistically they take GW’s current Ork look and take it a step further. The detailling is really nice. Some Kepis, an eyepatch and plenty of insane grimacing. One of the guys has an arrow through his kepi which is a great little detail. Unfortunately the hind part of the arrow snapped off during transport and I couldn’t find the part. It can be replaced though.

Compared to the regular GW Ork heads, these are slightly slimmer and overall less bulky but longer:

1 pack of close combat weapons and pistols arms

These are pretty much stock Orky arms. Three right with club, axe and sword, two left with sword and axe respectively, two right with pistols (these are the same sculpt) and three left with pistols. The muzzles are “full”, so need to be drilled out. Overall these look fine, however the pistols on the right arms look a little simplistic.

Comparison with GW Ork arms:

The arms themselves are less crisp than regular GW Orks arms. Interestingly enough, they are even a little bigger than regular Ork arms as well. No sleeves on any of the arms.

1 pack of Afrika Korps bodies

Those are really nice as well. Shirts, some suspenders, medals and so on. Very crips details, just like on the heads.

Now to make something of these single parts. First I had to track down Ork legs which was surprisingly hard to do as I didn’t have any left in any of the bitz boxes. After a good scrub I put together a test boy. The fit with the GW parts is very good (as could be expected).

Stahly Patreon Banner 2024 760x100px

The Kromlech torso is less misshapen than the GW ones (one of the really weird things about the post-1998 GW Orks). The finished model isn’t taller but the back isn’t as arched.

Here we got the finished test Ork boy:

Well, what can be said. Kromlech bits do what it says on the tin. Third-party bitz for GW models. I really like the heads a lot and those are what really makes the models stand apart from the regular out-of-the-box Ork boyz. I was surprised about the slightly less pronounced muscular detail on the arms and doubt it was a design decision because on the heads there certainly is no lack of exaggerated details.

The torsi are well done in terms of quality but given the pose on 95% of GW Orks they will usually not be that part that makes the huge difference unless you are using any of their torsi with fitting sleeved arms.

For the most efficient way to individualize your boyz I suggest getting heads (and/or bionic bitz), everything else is optional.

There was some slight flash between cables and such and at the parts where the bit connected to the sprue.

Thus I close the first part of my reviews of Kromlech parts. Next time we’re going all-out AND big so stay tuned!

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