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What do I mean by Twilight Zone? It’s defined as: A situation or conceptual area that is characterised by being undefined, intermediate, or mysterious. I thought it summed up where I am in the hobby at the moment.

My hobby situation is undefined, intermediate (coming between two things) and mysterious at the moment. Let me elaborate:


I’m flittering between projects.  I’ll start something completely random. My past three projects have been extremely fun but have been unrelated. The Armies on Parade board was created on a whim. Beorn from the Hobbit was purchased because I wanted to add him to my Hobbit collection and the Toxicrene was acquired because it’s new and shiny. Three projects which share no relation to one another. It is three small projects complete, which is fantastic, but I feel like I’ve been unproductive.


I constantly feel like I’m between projects. Further compounded by the multitude of different projects. I’m a Hobbyist intermediate between the Hobbit and 40k and intermediate between multiple 40k armies.


I never know what is coming next. I have no long time plan. If I do, it changes quickly. I feel this is partly to blame for the weekly release schedule. Happily working on Beorn and then BOOM! Toxicrene, from out of no where. Obviously I said “partly” to blame, because ultimately I know I’m to blame.

So for those reasons above I believe I’m stuck in a mediocre rut. Flashes of hobby goodness but nothing truly impressive. I am trapped in the Hobby Twilight Zone.

How can I escape the Hobby Twilight Zone? 

The first step is address the problem. I’ve done that in this post, so I can tick that box. Reading this back it’s clear that I lack two things: vision and focus. If I had a single, un-compromised vision, I would be able to achieve something truly impressive. With this vision, it would give me a direction. A goal to achieve, a target to aim for. Stahly has told me in the past I should focus on a project. It’s about time I listened to him.

So what should my Vision be? 

Thinking big, it should be a new army with terrain and an armies on parade board. I should also make it as exciting as possible so there is no distraction that can sway me from it. I should include Forge World models to ramp up this excitement.

Initial thoughts are an Adeptus Mechanicus Forge World army. It’s totally different from anything I’ve ever done. Or maybe I should do a Ghost Warriors army and buy a Forge World Revenant Titan. Or perhaps I should do an Imperial Knight Army and invest in some of those new Knights from Forge World. Or do I return to my beloved Tyranids?

What will probably happen is I carry on painting the long list of unfinished models in a sporadic way.

What would you do? Do you feel trapped painting the same old stuff? 

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