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Dear friends. It is a good day in the Dark Jester cave as I’ve finished a longterm project. This Chaos Warhound Titan and display base.

I’ve really tried to pull out the stops on this one. It was a great opportunity to go a little nuts. Within the brief provided by the customer of course.

For this project there is very little airbrush work. Only the primer and black basecoat and an initial dark blue/grey zenithal highlight. Everything else is purely brushwork.

My customer asked for a heavily oxidised look to all the metals. So lots of verdigris and rust applied as stabilised washes of very thin paints rather than washes.

Details on the titan itself include rust in all the chips and scratches, gore around all the lovely chaosy fleshy bits and cold blue glows from everything that could conceivably glow.

The glows are done with Minitaire Plasma Blue mixed with varying amounts of white. The blue itself is transparent so the more white you add, the more opaque it becomes.

For the interior, I felt that more blue glows and definitely more gory bits were called for.

I think I enjoyed the banners most. They were drawn in pencil and graphic pen on woven effect paper that had been glued on to very thin copper sheet. The copper allowed me to shape the banners. A coat of matt varnish to seal the pen work was needed and then it was straight on to the painting.

I wanted lots happening on the base. To me this meant dead Ultramarines, fire, doom and destruction and the occasional tainted patch. As a point of note. The titan has steel rods drillinto the undersides of the feet so that he is steady on this display base but can also be attached to a more practical round gaming base.

I can’t think what this poor chap did to deserve this but it made for a fun little focal point on the base.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this project. From start to finish. I’m hoping to be doing more really big chaos at a later date.