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Hello all! This is Shane Blomberg here, aka ComradeQuiche. For the past year or so I have been working on an Ork Dread Mob, and have added a Stompa to my force roster!

Since I was building a Dread Mob, I felt that it was only fitting to include old Buzzgob as my HQ. In 7th Edition Buzzgob also gave players access to “Da Big Lugga”, a Kustom Big Mek Stompa with fun upgrades, and a nice cheap price tag! Though the reduction in points is gone, I feel that the Stompa is still a force to be reckoned with, plus the model is great!

Though Buzzgob is technically a Goff, I decided that I wanted the center piece of my army to really stand out. Because of this I gave Buzz and the Stompa an Evil Sunz paint job.

This model was a ton of fun to convert and put together, and was actually a birthday gift from my friends in the Brooklyn, New York based “Brookhammer” gaming group.

I tried many different methods to get just the right shade of red for the Stompa, but ended up choosing these colors, and steps for the red color:

1) Undercoat with GW white primer

2) Pre-shade all of the recesses with Rhinox Hide, using an airbrush

3) Airbrushed a liberal coat of Evil Sunz Scarlet over the entire model

4) Painted Agrax Earthshade into all of the crevasses

5) Edge highlighted all of the sharp corners with Wild Rider Red

6) Sponged Rhinox hide on edges, to represent old chips and scratches

7) Sponged Rune Fang Steel over the Rhinox Hide, leaving a brown exposed edge to represent fresh scratches over old

8) Streaked both Agrax, and Typhus Corrosion in spots, to represent dripping oxidized metal

I wanted to create something that was different from both the GW kit, and the FW upgrade set, so I decided to 3D print a kustom designed Gaze of Mork (Or possibly Gork?) which replaces the stock upper head of the Stompa. Because the laser eye cannon was so big, I needed to create a whole new face plate as well. Both of these components were drawn up in Solidworks, and 3D printed on a Form 2 printer.

The shoulder pads were heavily modified as well. On the Stompa’s left side, I have added a checkered pattern, using plastic card, while the right hand pad was bulked, up and includes magnets so Buzzgob can stand on top of the Stompa during battle.

I knew that I wanted to include a big belly gun, but also wanted to add some flair to the front of the Stompa, which I felt was lacking. I first chopped a nice big hole right in the middle of the stomach area, and attached a 3D printed kustom sized belly gun, which includes a magnetic plate making it easy to remove for storage. I cut the wrench shape out of plasticard, and formed it to the body as I built up the small overlapping plate details in separate layers. The wrench being a solid copper/ brass color looked a little flat so I streaked Nihilakh Oxide downwards to represent years of neglect.

Because this Stompa is meant to be Buzzgob’s personal means of conveyance, I incorporated a stompa-sized Ork Mek Skull, using the basic proportions of Buzz’s personal standard as reference. In the base of the standard, I have also incorporated giant tesla coils, which represented the many shields the Stompa had in 7th Edition.

Though I like the design of the FW Lifta-Droppa, I felt it did not fit the Stompa’s aesthetic, without also using the FW head. Because of this I decided to make my own. I used the giant chainsaw arm, pieces of Big Mek Gunz, Defiler bitz, plastic tubing, and a 3D printed claw-holder to give it an Orky feel.

The first part I started to build were actually the two feet, I used plasticard cut and dented, to create the tiny spikes, and chopped up plasticard rods to make the oversized rivets.

All in all this model was a lot of fun to put together, though it was killed during turn 1 of its first game!

Stay tuned for more models from my Dread Mob!