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Hi again, Haywire is back with some more on the Warlord. Over the past few days I have cleaned up all the parts of the main body ready to prepare for pose checks and pinning. There is still the odd mould line here and there that i’ll get to.

This is the bag of cut offs from the body components…

Have a guess of how much this lot weighed before I placed it in the bin!

The answer was 1.771 kilos! Considering the final model weighs in at a hefty 7.5Kg, disposing of that amount was rather incredible. Perhaps I may make tank traps “dragons teeth” from some of it…

I thought i’d also share a picture of the working area for this project – my hobby den. I am fortunate enough to have a permanent set up in my house and utilise the 4th bedroom as my hobby home.

Always handy to clear the space before a new project and double check you have everything you need for the job. Mains power dremel, oodles of green stuff, clamps, saws, brass rod, etc etc! Welcome to the world of big Forgeworld Models.

Anyway, it’s test fit and construction time. As you can see from the following WIP shots, I re-inforced the joins between lower leg to foot plate, and through the knee and the hips with 3mm brass rod. I have used 5mm before, but its far more annoying to work with. My dremel can’t take the drill bit so you have to resort to proper power tools and thus lose accuracy, and you need cutting discs on the dremel to cut the brass rod lengths. 3mm fits the dremel, and can be cut with good pliers. 

The weight of the upper body is quite large, but with both feet firmly planted on the floor, and good sturdy chunky leg pieces, this should not be a problem (Compared with say the Phantom Titan, which is very top heavy, with slender hips and relatively long thin legs)

Utilising some new found goo I noticed being used by other Warlord bloggers called JB Weld as well as regular superglue, its time to test fit and build!

The first job was to “kebab” the hip, hip joints, and thighs. As there are 2 pieces that go over the ends of the thighs, it will cover the hole thats been drilled. I will also bend the brass slightly to be able to splay the thighs slightly outwards before using the JB Weld to hold it in final position.

Secondly, I drilled the knee joint to lower leg and pinned

(The toes are there just to prop up the lower legs for the picture)

Finally, I used JB Weld to fix the knee to the lower leg. These are not posable parts, so its a straight fix.

So that leaves me with this position so far. This weld takes a good overnight stint under clamps to adhere properly. Once its fully set, I’ll be able to green stuff the gaps.

So theres the latest update for you to digest, enjoy. Lots more to come…