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Hey guys, apologies, I’ve been quiet for the last few days. Today I can finally present you a showcase of my recently finished second Wave Serpent. Check out more pictures after the jump.

Painting the Wave Serpent took me longer than expected. Having painted quite a lot of Iybraesil vehicles by now, I faced a lot of repetition when working on this model. Thus my motivation wasn’t exactly high, and the painting was dragging on. Though with all the practice, I feel it’s one of my best Eldar vehicle paint jobs to date.

While the first Wave Serpent is supposed to be the transport for my Wraithguard, this Wave Serpent belongs to my Dire Avengers. Hence the Dire Avengers rune on the back door. To accomodate the shuriken theme of the Avengers, I also chose twin-linked shuriken cannons for the armament.

Like my first Serpent, this one makes use of Forge World Type II upgrade parts (sadly no longer available), and vectored engine side skirts from the Fire Prism sprue. It was a lot of pain keeping the paint to stick on the resin parts, despite several attempts of cleaning. It shows a bit, especially on the turret.

As usual, I used a couple of transfers I designed by myself and printed on decal paper.

All in all I’m glad the model is finally finished. How do you like my Wave Serpent? Tell me in the comments.


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