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Hey folks, it’s Uruk again with another guest post. Today we’ll take a look at the vehicles and walkers of my World Eaters. See you after the jump.

I’ll start with the very first walker I completed – the Defiler. I’ve been a huge fan of this oldschool daemon engine ever since I first saw it. It has everything a Khorne player needs: Huge claws, vicious guns and lots of spikes.

Only thing I felt it was missing was a base, so I made one using an old CD. I also added the usual Berzerker “ears” and a more fitting icon on its back, as well as converted the heavy flamer a bit for easier swapping with its power scourge.

While we’re at walkers, here’s my converted Dreadnought (I simply refuse to call them Helbrutes, it’s probably the worst unit name GW ever invented). I made it using the Assault on Black Reach, scraped off most of the insignia and made my own parts with plasticard. I also made the second power fist from scratch – the only bits on it are the claws (from Mawloc’s tail I believe), flamer and spikes.

Next up are my good old Rhinos. I used some Forge World bits and converted the front of the right one to make it look bulkier, as it is actually a dual kit:

It transforms into a Predator whenever I need it, so the extra armor parts on the front and sides really help making it look like AV13.

As a fan of older models, I couldn’t miss this little fellow. I painted some freehand World Eaters symbols to the side hatches and glued some spiky bits to make it more chaosy. Even though it’s smaller and less detailed, it still has a lot of charm.

Next up, my Land Raider Impaler. Also used Forge World treatment for it, their tank upgrades really are amazing. I had absolutely no idea on how to approach making a dirge caster, but a good friend of mine suggested I could try something less technological and more savage. It of course fitted my tastes and came out to be a really cool idea – I made a Berzerker sticking out of the hatch and “blowing” a huge horn (I know he’s helmeted, but it still looks cool).

Last model for today is the recently nerfed marine slayer, the Heldrake, which I dubbed the Hell Razor . Being perfectly honest, I bought it for the sole purpose of tournament play (well, not anymore) because I’m not a huge fan of the model itself. The only conversion work I did on it was adding a few trophy racks and magnetizing the whole thing for easy transporting.

Hope you guys enjoyed this part, if you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to comment and ask anything you like. I’ll see you soon with the last guest post – I’ll cover my Red Corsairs allied force and some future projects I’m working on. Thanks for looking!