Horrific to behold, deluded and swelling with immense power, but that’s enough about me, I’m here to talk about our glorious Monarch, The Summer King, Ushoran himself. In today’s post I share some lovely photos of my newly finished Ushoran model and talk about the process of painting a large model.

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This is one of my favourite photos I’ve ever taken. So proud of this.

Model supplied to me by Games Workshop. Thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I spend a lot time on Twitter (I told you I was deluded) and I saw a great tip from Hugh showing that you can keep Ushoran apart in sub-assemblies to make painting easier. Honestly, it’s the only way to paint Ushoran (check our review of the kit here) who is draped in a huge cape and hunched over. it would just be impossible to paint the inside of his cape and torso if I had glued it all together.

The sub-assembly pieces clip together perfectly, hat’s off to the sculptor.

How to paint Ushoran

I started by painting the base. It’s nothing exciting, it’s a cold green-grey, you can check out how I painted it in this tutorial I wrote a while back here. With the base done, I moved on to the body and cape. My thinking was paint the pieces from the ground up so once each piece was done I could assembly it instead of having it rolling around my desk, scuffing carefully placed highlights off.

He came together really quickly and in total is was around two weeks to build and paint. It was interesting scaling up my paint recipe (check it out in link at the end of the article) for the bigger model. Basically it meant more intermediary layers or more glazing, especially on the hand and leg colour transitions.

My Ushoran features two new colours not seen previously in my army. The red cape and the brown fur. For capes and scraps of cloth, I’ve tended just to paint those dark brown or as flayed skin but that doesn’t befit someone of Ushoran’s stature, I toyed with a royal purple colour but in the end I choose red which ties the model to my Soulblight Gravelord army. Here’s how I painted the cape.

Red Cape

The brown fur looks like it’s been flayed from Nightshriekers, horrific bat like monstrosities, so I wanted to get the colour dialled in for when I paint my Morbheg Knights. This is how I painted it.

Werewolf Fur

The link above takes you to my Royal Beastflayers and includes my free recipe card on how I paint my Flesh Eater Courts.

It feels amazing to add such a large centrepiece model to my Flesh-eater Courts collection, a real milestone, however, I’m not finished yet. I still have the Morbheg Knights and Cryptguard from he army set to paint and I have a second Start Collecting Flesh-eater Courts set to paint, which I want to build and paint a Royal Terrorgheist.

Thanks for checking out my blog post on Ushoran. I really enjoyed painting this one and photographing it was a blast too. All hail the Carrion King!

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