Over 6 weeks in the making, today I can finally present you my finished unit of Wracks. A never-ending story finds it conclusion. Check out all the pictures after the jump.


First things first, a thank you for bearing with me while painting these. For infantry-sized models, they took surprisingly long to paint. Lots of exposed skin, a lot of different textures, colours and details. And don’t get me started on all those syringes… Truth to be told, in the end I was really fed up with them and I’m more than glad to be able to start a new project soon. All in all I’m happy with the paint jobs though. I think the completed unit looks pretty nice.


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The paint scheme is designed to match my Dark Eldar collection of the Kabal of the Last Hatred. I imagine that the Kabal of the Last Hatred has strong ties to the Haemonculi, as they seek to master the transition between life and death and administer large pain-farms. I have read the Haemonculus Covens codex, which sadly doesn’t explore this connection any further. I might need to come up with a name for my own homebrew Haemonculus Coven, maybe you could help me out in the comments?


The unit numbers eight models, as I bought two boxes and kept two models to crew a Raider. At some point I want to give them their personal transport, but having painted both a Raider and a Ravager already, I will concentrate on more exciting projects for now. Maybe stick to the Coven theme and paint a Talos next? But I guess for the sake of my own sanity I’ll have paint something completely different first… stay tuned.

Above you can see the whole unit, led by the Haemonculus I painted a while ago. How do you like them? Do you think the long time I spent on them paid off in the end?

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