This WIP post will be different from my usual WIP posts where I just share a single image of my current project. Instead, it’s going to be several images of yesterday’s paint session. 

Always ensure your t-shirt colour matches your respirator.

This paint session is an airbrush session. It’s really important to wear a respirator. I never used to and honestly after a session if I blew my nose it would look like a snot-rainbow.

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The tools of the trade.

I also use an extractor fan. My paint area is next to a window so the stray paint particles just get sucked out and blown out of the window. Before I had an extractor fan, over time my desk would have a paint particle dust layer to it. It’s worth getting one. The Cheapo airbrush is still going strong. Vallejo Surface Primeris fantastic. It’s cheap and self-levelling. I actually thin it further with Tamiya X-20A. The same thinner I use on my GW Citadel paint. No clogs, it’s great stuff.

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Don’t you hate it when your airbrush run dries with just a little bit left to do.

That is what I’m working on. The Primaris characters and five Intercessors from the Dark Imperium box set. You can see, all the pieces have had a hole drilled into them and a paper clip superglued in place. They are then inserted into a double thickness piece of foam core. I can hold the foam core and turn it around to really get all the angles with the airbrush. It also cuts down on the amount of paint I get on my hand. 

I haven’t assembled all of the models in the box yet because I really find cleaning mould lines a chore. So I have to do a small amount at a time. It’s also nice because it means I’m not swamped with loads of unpainted models. Does anyone enjoy removing mould lines? Does anyone just not bother? 

The thin blue line.

I’ve only base coated the models Caledor Sky. Check out my tutorial for the full scheme. For small models, I like to shade and highlight them traditionally by brush. I only really shade and highlight larger models with the airbrush. With that being done, I can get on with painting them.  

Did you like this more in-depth look at a WIP? Let me know in the comments. 

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